Who owns Pio Cesare?

Today, Federica Rosy Boffa runs her family’s winery along with her cousin Cesare Benvenuto. Born in 1997—an iconic vintage in Piemonte— she is the only child of the late Pio Boffa, the 4th generation owner who worked and traveled tirelessly to elevate the winery’s status during his tenure at the helm of Pio Cesare.

What is Pio Cesare Barolo?

Barolo, Piedmont, Italy- The Nebbiolo grapes used in this classically styled wine come from family vineyards. Winemaker Pio Boffa believes that the union of grapes from different sites makes his Barolo unique. Ethereal and tempting tar, rose and cherry flavors are ripe, deep and linger. Pio Cesare.

Who is Pio Cesare?

Pio Cesare is a wine producer in Piedmont, Italy, particularly known for its elegant Barolo and Barbaresco wines. The company owns 70 hectares (172 acres) of vineyards in the Barolo and Barbaresco regions, including substantial holdings in the famous Ornato vineyard in Barolo and Il Bricco in Barbaresco. …

What is Barbaresco wine?

Barbaresco is a red wine produced in northwest Italy’s Piedmont region. Made from 100% Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, like its Barolo counterpart, is a highly tannic and acidic wine that needs years of cellaring to reach harmony.

Who was the founder of Pio Cesare winery?

The Pio Cesare winery was founded in 1881, by Cesare Pio. He was a very successful entrepreneur and was inspired to produce a small and select quantity of wines from the hills of Barolo and Barbaresco for himself, his family, friends, and customers.

What did Cesare Pio do for a living?

Cesare Pio was dedicated to the terroir of the Piedmont region and to producing wines of the highest quality. Over the years, Cesare Pio built a thriving business. His entrepreneurial spirit encouraged him to travel throughout Europe in the early 20th century to publicize and promote Pio Cesare’s wines.

How did Pio Boffa winery get its name?

Rosy and Giuseppe Boffa named their youngest son Pio, in honor of his great-grandfather’s surname. Pio Boffa, the fourth generation, leads and directs the company today.In the early 1990’s Pio Boffa asked his cousin Augusto to join him in the company.