Who is the captain of Cloud9?

After announcing its intention to rebuild a CS:GO roster, Cloud9 signed Alex “ALEX” McMeekin, the previous leader of Team Vitality. Cloud9 is not performing well in many of its esports scenes, including League of Legends.

Is Cloud9 still in RLCS?

Cloud9 is announcing today the departure of our Rocket League team. Going up against a previously undefeated Dignitas at the RLCS Season 6 Finals, the team shocked the world with back to back 4-1 victories on their way to being crowned world champions.

Is Cloud9 disbanded?

According to a pair of new reports and an official announcement, Cloud9 are leaving CSGO and disbanding their team due to “financial” and “remote training” struggles, as the organization takes a “pause” from competing in the storied esport.

Does Cloud9 have a COD team?

Cloud9 have made their official debut into the Call of Duty eSports community, as they announce the acquisition of a new team ahead of the CoD World League Online Qualifiers.

Where is Cloud 9 filmed?

Cloud 9 has locations in multiple countries, with stores in Beijing, Mumbai, Paris, Vancouver, Taipei, and Mexico City. The pilot was shot at a redressed Kmart in Burbank, California (with Kmart signage visible throughout the episode,) though the rest of the series has been shot on sets constructed on two soundstages.

Where is Cloud 9 made?

South Korea
That’s why all our products are created in South Korea, the only place in the world that has the hair healing mineral Sericite, which is infused into all of our Hairdryers, Irons and Wands. At CLOUD NINE, we may be a global brand but we were born in Yorkshire and still call it the home of our HQ to this day.

Why did Cloud9 leave?

Why did Cloud9 leave? The trio wasn’t capable of maintaining performances at the top spot, and Cloud9 being a huge organisation will need a side competing at the heights of Rocket League, especially as some of their other teams flunking across titles like CS:GO. It seems the RL team were more exposable.

What happened to C9 RL?

After rumors that were quickly shot down by the community, it turns out that Cloud9 is indeed stepping away from the Rocket League scene. Today we are sad to announce that we are departing from Rocket League and after 1,129 days (1,048 as #C9RL), The Muffin Men are splitting up.

How much money does Cloud9 make?


Type Private
Key people CEO: Jack Etienne COO: Paullie Etienne President: Dan Fiden
Revenue US$30 million (2020)
Total equity US$350 million (2020)
Divisions hide 9 Fortnite Hearthstone League of Legends Overwatch Rainbow Six Siege Super Smash Bros. Melee Teamfight Tactics Valorant World of Warcraft

Why did TenZ leave c9?

TenZ explained that he wanted to focus solely on content creation for Cloud9 until the pandemic ended. He said he would reassess the situation periodically, especially when offline tournaments return.

Can c9 still make Worlds 2020?

In 2020, the organisation couldn’t compete against the world’s best teams at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), but this year the international tournament was able to go ahead after the Spring Split. It shows that at their best, Cloud9 can take down any team. Historically, Cloud9 have done well internationally.