How do I check my balance on TSB?

You can call our automated Telephone Banking service on 03459 758 758….Use this quick service to:

  1. check your balance and recent transactions.
  2. pay your bills.
  3. transfer money.
  4. check your Direct Debits or standing orders.

How do I contact TSB Bank?

00 44 20 3284 1575
TSB Bank/Customer service

What type of accounts do TSB offer?

What types of current account does TSB offer?

  • Classic account, their standard current account.
  • Classic plus account, similar to their classic account, but you can earn interest on a positive balance.
  • Silver account, a classic account upgraded with insurance products and card protection.

How do I log into TSB online banking?

Internet Banking

  1. Register. Get started today and register for Internet Banking.
  2. Log in details. You’ll then create your unique UserID and password, before reviewing our terms and conditions.
  3. Security check and start. For security reasons, we verify your identify either by phone or by post.
  4. You’re in.

What do I need to open a TSB bank account?

In addition to proof of identity, such as passport, birth certificate or adoption certificate, and proof of your address, or a letter from your university or college confirming your place, and bring it along with your other identity and address verification documents to your local branch.

How do I register for TSB online banking?

Online registration process for TSB Kerala

  1. Go to TSB bank website.
  2. Open the new registration page.
  3. Provide your Kerala Treasury Savings Bank A/c Number.
  4. Enter your UID or Aadhaar Card Number.
  5. Enter your TSB registered mobile number.
  6. Select a username for TSB online banking.
  7. Enter your email.

What bank details are needed to receive money TSB?

Recipient’s name and address (exact full name or company name) and the name and address of recipient’s bank. Recipient’s account number or IBAN (International Bank Account Number) if applicable. BIC or SWIFT code if the country you’re making the payment to does not use IBAN.

How do I pay cash into my TSB account?

You can pay cash into your TSB account either at a TSB branch or any Post Office branch. Cash paid in at a TSB branch after 5pm (sometimes after 3.30pm if using deferred checking) might not be processed until the next business day.

What kind of checking account does TSB Bank have?

TSB Bank’s standard checking account option. TSB Bank’s interest bearing checking account. TSB Bank’s interest bearing checking account. TSB Bank’s standard checking account option. TSB Bank’s interest bearing checking account. TSB Bank’s interest bearing checking account.

How long does it take to switch bank account from TSB?

Take a look at our range of bank accounts and start your switch today. The Current Account Switch Service makes it simple and stress-free to move everything across from your old bank. You can choose a switch date to suit you and it only takes seven working days from start to finish.

Is there a fee to take money out of TSB Bank?

**The ATM operator or foreign bank may charge a fee for cash withdrawals. Sellers may also apply a currency conversion fee, if you make a payment by your debit card and they do the conversion. Enjoy straightforward banking without any of the fancy extras with the TSB Cash account.

What’s the interest rate on TSB Classic Plus?

Whether you’re opening your first ever bank account, getting set for college or university, or just looking for an everyday account, we have something for you. The TSB Classic Plus account offers 3% AER interest, no maintaining the account fee (monthly) and all the features you’d expect from a current account.