What is an airport 5010?

The 5010 Airport Safety Inspection program is what the FAA uses to collect and document airport inspections. • FAA contracts with the State through GCR to conduct inspections for airports that do not have commercial air carrier service.

What is an airport master record?

Airport Master Record refers to all four of the forms used in the conduct of the Airport Safety Data Program—FAA Forms 5010-1, 5010-2, 5010-3, and 5010-5.

What is faa form 50101?

FAA Form 5010-1, Airport Master Record, contains aeronautical data describing the physical and operational characteristics of civil public-use airports, joint-use military airports, and private-use military airports that are active and in the NAS.

How do I register my private airport with FAA?

To register a private use airport with FAA or make changes to an existing private use airport, please complete and submit FAA FAA Form 7480-1 ( INFORMATION ) to your local Regional Office per instructions found on the form or submit your information electronically via the OE/AAA system.

Can you open your own airport?

As a general rule, it is unlawful to operate an airport in the State of California without a State Airport Permit.

Is it legal to fly your own plane?

You can legally fly it without a pilot’s license, without training — without any qualifications at all. 31, 2008, these planes will be classified as Light-Sport Aircraft; operating one will require a sport pilot license. At that point, only one-seaters can fly as ultralights.

How many acres do you need for a landing strip?

We’ll probably want some room for structures like a hangar, and some buffer zones at either end of the runway, so let’s add like 4.5 acres, mainly so we end up with a nice round total of 6 acres. Theoretically, that’s the minimum. Practically, good luck finding a long, narrow parcel of land like that.