Is Canberra good for cycling?

With an extensive network of bikeways and some of the best cycling trails in the nation, Canberra is a fantastic city to explore on two wheels. Not only is cycling a great way to soak up some sun and get some exercise , it’s also a fantastic way to experience Canberra’s great outdoors.

Can you cycle on the footpath in Canberra?

Riding on shared paths and footpaths In the ACT, a cyclist may ride on shared paths and footpaths. When doing so, a cyclist must keep to the left and must give way to pedestrians.

How long does it take to cycle around Lake Burley Griffin?

approximately three hours
The Lake Burley Griffin loop is mostly flat and takes approximately three hours to complete. Bikes are available for hire at the Canberra Region and Visitors Centre and The Cyclery.

Where can I ride in Canberra?

Here are a few of our favorite Canberra rides.

  • Canberra mountain bike trails. Pine Island. Distance: 2 km.
  • Canberra road bike routes. Honeysuckle and Fitz’s Climb Ride. Distance: 142.4 km.
  • Canberra family road bike routes. Lake Ginninderra Loop. Distance: 8.3 km.
  • Canberra gravel road bike routes. Woden Gravel Loop.

How do you travel around Canberra?

Transport Canberra operates the public bus and light rail network, a convenient and cost-effective way for visitors to get around Canberra. You can also take advantage of Canberra’s taxi cabs and ride-sharing services. Jump on a Transport Canberra public bus and light rail or learn about taxi and ride-sharing options.

Can cyclists ride footpaths?

Riding on footpaths Cyclists of all ages are allowed to ride on footpaths. Footpaths provide a safe and sometimes more direct alternative for cyclists. When riding on a footpath or shared path, a cyclist must: Keep to the left unless it is impracticable to do so.

Can you swim in Lake Burley Griffin?

“You can swim in Canberra’s lakes, you can’t always swim in Canberra’s lakes,” she said. Fiona explained that Lake Burley Griffin, Lake Tuggeranong and Lake Ginninderra are tested for blue-green algae and bacteria levels every week in peak swimming months, with the results posted online.

Where can I walk in Canberra?

12 Must-Do Nature Walks In Canberra

  • Weston Park. Images via Weekend Notes | Australia’s Guide.
  • Australian National Botanic Gardens.
  • Namadgi National Park.
  • “Bridge to Bridge” – Commonwealth Bridge to Kings Avenue Bridge.
  • Mount Ainslie Summit Trail.
  • One Tree Hill Summit.
  • Booroomba Rocks.
  • Mount Painter Summit Walk.

Is there a bike and Ride route in Canberra?

Select the bicycle mode option to show trails, dedicated lanes, bike-friendly roads and unpaved trails. Your Guide to Cycling in Canberra (PDF 33MB) shows the cycling routes across Canberra. Bike & Ride Map (PDF 1.5MB) for locations of bike cages and bike rails.

Are there any cross country trails in Canberra?

Just 15 minutes’ drive from the city centre, this shared-use park welcomes runners, horse-riders and bike fanatics. It boasts more than 50 km of custom-designed cross-country trails, as well as dirt jumps and dedicated zones for every skill level.

Where is the big community ride in Canberra?

Total road closure. The 32 km Big Community Ride features a circuit around Lake Burley Griffin, the “jewel in the crown” of Canberra’s beautiful bush capital, PLUS parts of Coombs, Weston and Curtin. Riders have the option to shorten their ride to a 22 km loop around Lake Burley Griffin.

What’s the best thing to do in Canberra?

Here are my suggestions for some quintessential Canberra rides for anyone with a bike and the ability to use it. It can be difficult to find a weekend activity that suits the whole family, but bike riding can be adapted to most fitness and skill levels.