Is Sun Valley fancy?

Sun Valley Idaho is very charming and very genteel. The facilities and amenities such as the day lodges are very fancy and not heavily trafficked. The Sun Valley ski area is not crowded relative to some of the other big name US ski resorts, and if it’s a powder day the competition for freshies isn’t fierce.

Do you need a car in Sun Valley Idaho?

Part of the adventure of Sun Valley is getting around. You won’t need your car, because it’s just a short stroll to just about anything you could want to see, do, or eat.

How big is Sun Valley Idaho?

9.575 mi²
Sun Valley/Area

How many rooms does the Sun Valley Lodge have?

Hours of Operation The updated Lodge offers more spacious guest rooms ─ many doubled in size ─ for a total of 108 with modern comforts and amenities, including expansive bathrooms. Sixty-five rooms showcase fireplaces.

Is Sun Valley Idaho worth visiting?

Sun Valley is of course known for its skiing and snowboarding. With over 2,000 feet of elevation and nearly 2,500 acres of terrain, and the considerable snowfall numbers each winter, whether you are a novice or expert skier, it is certainly worth picking up a lift ticket.

Is Uber in Sun Valley Idaho?

Uber may be big in cities, but it isn’t quite as popular in seasonal resort towns like Sun Valley. Uber is, however, available locally for those who have the app. There are also two reliable cab companies, Wood River Taxi and Miller’s Limo, which also specializes in providing transportation for your dogs, too.

What airport is closest to Sun Valley ID?

Boise Airport
Sun Valley’s closest major airports are Boise (BOI) and Salt Lake City (SLC). Located 2.5 hours west of Sun Valley, the drive from Boise crosses over the Bennett Hills and through the Camas Prairie before turning north into the mountains. The Boise Airport services all major car rental companies.

Are the lodges open at Sun Valley?

Lodge Renovation is Complete! Sun Valley Resort is excited to announce the reopening of the Sun Valley Lodge, originally constructed in 1936 as America’s first destination ski resort. The project included refurbished guest rooms as well as updated lobby area, restaurants and other guest amenities.

Who owns Sun Valley Lodge?

R. Earl Holding family
Sun Valley Resort is privately owned by the R. Earl Holding family, owners of Sinclair Oil Corp.

What hotels are in Sun Valley?

Sun Valley Inn, Sun Valley Lodge, and Knob Hill Inn are some of the most popular hotels for travelers looking to stay near Sun Valley Resort. See the full list: Hotels near Sun Valley Resort.

What is the address of the Sun Valley Resort in Idaho?

But we are here to help so let us know what you are looking for! Visit Sun Valley: Office location- 160 Sun Valley Road West in Ketchum, Idaho Mailing address- PO Box 4934, Ketchum, Idaho 83340.

What is the Sun Valley Lodge?

Overview. Sun Valley Resort is the original ski resort in the United States. In 1936, the area was the culmination of a dream to bring the excitement and wonder of European ski resorts to the United States. The Lodge at Sun Valley was built in 1936 and quickly became the place to be. Frequented by Hollywood elite, in the beginning,…