How to Structure an Essay and Not to Fail

‘As an academic essay is aimed at the expression of certain thoughts it has to have a logical and clear structure,’say academic writing service professionals.  Any writing work should have one because without it, your work will be simply chaos. It’s not just a list of specified ideas; it’s a structured composition, containing these ideas in a particular order.

If you want to convince somebody that your ideas are right you should understand that simple enumeration of your thoughts can’t persuade anybody. You’re kind of winning the reader over to your side, and you should do it with elegance.

How to Write a Successful Essay?

To cover your thoughts into the wrapping paper you are to follow our next steps:

  • First of all, you need to study your assignment. Understanding what your teachers want from your essay will help you in writing. So you can figure out what sides of the question should be disclosed and what aspects you should pay attention to.
  • The second step is the mind map. It will help you in the research of your assignment. Find out your strengths and weaknesses in that question, what you already know, and what you have to learn.
  • Then start your research. But be careful and stay on the topic. It’s not necessary to include all the information from the internet on the topic, you need just facts concerning your assignment and keywords – don’t forget it.
  • Underline key facts that will help you in the writing of your essay. Organize them into the table and range them – what facts are relevant and what maybe not so important for indicating the topic.
  • Group your main ideas that will answer the question. Decide what the central argument for your essay is.
  • Address the issue with the order of your points of view and arguments, how they work best and sounds better.

Above-mentioned steps are connected with the planning of your essay. Now let’s move on to the way how to structure it.

How to Structure a Successful Essay?

We’re hoping that you know about the “Rule of Three”. It is a basis for every written work. Your essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. You are to stick to that structure in each work you write. Thanks to that scheme it gets easier to structure an essay and read it then.

  • A clear introduction. This part has the explanation and the main questions to be solved of the text, the reasons why you are writing the essay and the task of it to intrigue the reader and make him read all the work. You should remember that good beginning, in this case, good introduction plays an essential role in overall work.
  • The main body of the essay. It contains a definite number of paragraphs; its quantity depends on the scale of your work and on how many ideas should be developed in the work. Every paragraph should contain just one thought and explanation with a number of arguments which substantiate it.
  • Conclusion. This one should sum up all your thoughts and give your final opinion of the topic.

In simple terms the first part of your work is an explanation of what you want to say, then the main part is saying this, and the last one is the conclusion what you’ve said.


In writing such serious works every aspect should be taken into consideration and you know that it’s not so easy. Each issue should be considered a bunch of times. Structure, key points, arguments play into the hands for the conviction of the readers. Thousands of students all over the world write tons of essays every day and have different difficulties in studying. They can cope with them on their own or address to academic writing service. It’s your personal decision to write it by yourself or take advantages of such writing services.