Is full AP Soraka viable?

Solo-lane raka is definitely viable and has even seen a bit of pro-play by the team G2 Esports in the LEC. It requires a lot of knowledge of matchups and item builds.

Is Soraka good mid?

Pre-rework soraka was really powerful in mid lane. She had self heal, self mana heal, and starcall that damages all enemies around her. Now She can only use 2 skills to harass the opponents so I don’t think she’s gonna be that ‘efficient’ pick. Janna/Lulu mid would be stronger than her.

Is Soraka mid viable?

Soraka is a viable AP middle.

Can Soraka roam?

Roaming c a n be fine you just really need to watch map and have it warded, and knowing when to roam is also important. If it could set your adc back (ex: they can dive him quite easily) then maybe don’t roam as much, however you still can at the right time.

Is Soraka a mid Laner?

League of Legends pros are breaking out Soraka in the mid lane after Patch 9.9 buffs. The recent buffs that Soraka got from Patch 9.9 have allowed some pro players to take the healer into the mid lane, and it’s seen some relative success so far.

Is Soraka bot?

Your job as Soraka is to be a heal bot. Mikael’s Crucible, Redemption, and Ardent Censer all use Forbidden Idols in their builds, which help you amp up your heals. These three items are important and you can build all three, but you should optimize based on your carry.

Is Soraka a good support?

Soraka received buffs to two of her key abilities on Patch 10.10 and her win rate has risen to 51.67%, placing the support firmly in S tier. Prior to Patch 10.10, Soraka was a middling support champion outshined by more popular enchanters and outplayed by the tank supports that dominate the current solo queue meta.

Should you roam as Thresh?

Champions such as Braum, Thresh, Alistar, Leona, Rakan, and Blitzcrank are good at roaming. If you’re playing one of these champions, then you should roam on every possible opportunity. These champions all have reliable CC that can keep the enemy in place, allowing your ally to follow up with damage.

When Should U roam as a support?

Your ADC cannot be left alone in a bad matchup, you must stay holding their hand. If your ADC is left in danger then you should not roam. Roaming should be done if it will not put anyone on your team behind especially your ADC, that is- unless they can 1v2 which is highly unlikely.