Who designed the HMV logo?

Interestingly the LOGO has a true loving story related with its origin and the artist Francis Barraud, actually painted it after getting inspired from his own personal surroundings. Francis’s brother Mark, had a fox-terrier dog called Nipper who was hugely devoted to his master and had a great bonding with him.

What is the story behind the HMV logo?

The trademark image comes from a painting by English artist Francis Barraud and titled His Master’s Voice. It was acquired from the artist in 1899 by the newly formed Gramophone Company and adopted as a trademark by the Gramophone Company’s United States affiliate, the Victor Talking Machine Company.

What is the name of HMV’s dog?

It’s one of the most famous trademarks of the 20th century: a dog, perhaps a terrier mix, looking at a gramophone horn, head tilted quizzically. It’s from an 1898 painting called “His Master’s Voice.” The dog has a name — and a story that may bring a lump to the throat of any dog lover. His name was Nipper.

Who owns HMV?

Sunrise Records
HMV/Parent organizations

HMV has been bought out of administration by Sunrise Records, the Canadian record store owned by the mogul, Doug Putman. Over 100 shops will remain open and 1,200 jobs will be saved. He fought off competition from Mike Ashley who already owns large swathes of the High Street brands.

When was HMV founded?

July 20, 1921, London, United Kingdom

Whats HMV stand for?

His Master’s Voice
The brand. Founded in 1921, HMV stands for ‘His Master’s Voice’ and the retailer is synonymous with ‘Nipper’, the Jack Russell dog that listens to a gramophone in its most famous logo.

What replaced HMV?

HMV Canada Ltd. was a Canadian entertainment retailer, owned by Hilco. The company was originally a subsidiary of HMV in the United Kingdom until it was sold to Hilco Capital in 2011. HMV itself would later be bought by Hilco in 2013.

How did the HMV logo get its name?

The name was coined in 1899 as the title of a painting of the Jack Russell Terrier dog Nipper listening to a wind-up gramophone. In the original painting, the dog was listening to a cylinder phonograph.

Where is the HMV store in the UK?

HMV logo ouside their record store in Oxford Street, London, UK. The sign for a branch of HMV in the United Kingdom in 2018, featuring a new logo based on a vinyl record / HMV logo, HMV high street. HMV shop sign logo. HMV store in York City Centre.

What kind of dog is the HMV dog?

In the late 1800s, after Mark died, Francis inherited a bunch of his stuff: An early cylinder phonograph player, cylinder recordings of Mark’s voice, and Mark’s dog, a fox terrier named Nipper.