Where is gate T in Atlanta airport?

Concourse T Find in the central part between boarding gates T8 and T9 which leads to the Plane Train serving concourse A to F and also the International Terminal (baggage claim). Services and amenities are located throughout the Concourse.

Can I check-in for an international flight at the domestic terminal in Atlanta?

When you’re flying international or domestic, you’ll need to check-in at the respective terminal. If necessary, you can travel between the two using the Plane Train or by the shuttle bus that departs from outside the terminals.

What terminal is Delta Airlines in Atlanta?

South Terminal
Atlanta Airport’s South Terminal contains ticketing and check-in facilities for AeroMexico, Air France, ASA, Comair, Delta Air Lines, Hooters Air, and South African Airways. Atlanta Airport’s Concourse T serves American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines.

What concourse is Mcdonald’s in Atlanta airport?

Concourse F — International Terminal.

Which is the main terminal at Atlanta airport?

Atlanta Airport’s C Concourse is the only one attached to the Main Terminal, with separate security checkpoints and with gates T9-15 at left, T8-T1 at right. In the center between gates is the train serving concourses A – F & the International Terminal.

Where is Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport located?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Address 6000 North Terminal Parkway Suite 4000 Atlanta, GA 30320

Where is the baggage pickup at Atlanta airport?

Passenger pickup is on lower-level roadway – follow signs to Arrivals. Concourse F is connected by free underground Plane Train serving all domestic & international terminals & Concourses. Check the Atlanta Airport terminal map for details. The Arrivals, level 1 of International Terminal has entry/exit doors A1-A3.