What is a non-compliant proposal?

Non-Compliant means the proposal fails to provide sufficient detail necessary to evaluate the proposal against the mandatory requirements outlined in this RFP document. Non-Compliant means the response to the bid or offer does not conform to the mandatory and/or essential requirements contained in the bid document.

What is a compliance proposal?

Successful proposals must be two things: compliant and responsive. Compliance means strictly adhering to the government’s solicitation, including all submittal instructions and requirements, particularly those in Sections C, L, and M. Alternatively, proposals can be compliant but not responsive.

Should a winning proposal be compliant or responsive?

Business Winning Tip: Compliance and Responsiveness Proposals can be responsive but not compliant, or compliant but non-responsive. Compliance means strict adherence to the customer’s bid request, both the submittal instructions and the requirements. Responsiveness means addressing the customer’s underlying needs.

What is a non-compliant tender?

Answer: Following the tender closure the tender evaluation panel initially examines all tenders for compliance with the conditions of the tendering . A tender that does not comply with the conditions of tendering and/or the specification is said to be non-complying or non-conforming.

What is bid shopping in construction?

“Bid shopping” occurs when a general contractor discloses the bid price of one subcontractor (or suppliers) to its competitors in an attempt to obtain a lower bid than the one on which the general contractor based its bid to the owner.

What are RFP requirements?

RFP requirements are statements that express the needs and considerations for a procurement project. Buyers use these requirements to write RFPs and evaluate subsequent vendor proposals.

What is RFP matrix?

A proposal compliance matrix is a grid-style tool used by proposal managers to identify, track and meet each requirement in a complex request for proposal (RFP). It may also be called an RFP compliance matrix, compliance traceability matrix or proposal matrix.

What are the selection criteria for a successful tender?

Examples of selection criteria include: • relevant experience; • appreciation of the task; • past performance; • management and technical skills; • resources; • management systems; • methodology; and • price.

What is RFT in procurement?

RFT – Request for Tender A chance for potential suppliers to submit an offer to supply goods or services against a detailed tender.

Are shopping bids illegal?

Bid shopping is the unethical practice of securing a lower bid than the one originally obtained by disclosing the bid of contractors or subcontractors to other bidding contractors or subcontractors (competitors).

Is bid peddling legal?

A general contractor will “shop” a low bid whereas a subcontractor will “peddle” its bid. Perhaps nothing is more widely condemned in the construction industry than bid shopping. But, regardless of the stated consensus against bid shopping and bid peddling, the practices remain common. And legal.

When to include no or n / a in a proposal?

The basis for selecting the columns entitled “no” or “N/A” must be addressed in the explanation column for each item. Non-compliances with the enclosed checklist may result in the return of your proposal and you will be expected to provide a revised, adequate proposal within 30 days.

What can cause a proposal to be rejected?

Graphics can cause your proposal to be rejected when you try to manipulate them to save space. Writing extensive captions in the graphic will be considered noncompliant, as the font size used under graphics is too small.

What should be included in a contract proposal?

The basis and rationale for all proposed costs should be provided as part of the proposal so that Government personnel can place reliance on the information as current, complete, and accurate. FAR 15.403-4 sets forth those circumstances in which contractors are required to submit certified cost or pricing data.

What’s the purpose of submitting a cost proposal?

The attached information is provided to assist contractors in preparing and submitting an adequate and compliant cost proposal. The purpose of the submission of cost or pricing data is to enable Government personnel to perform cost or price analysis and ultimately negotiate a fair and reasonable price.