Was Nicholas Hoult in Harry Potter?

Nicholas Hoult We can see Hoult as Harry, but the filmmakers didn’t. Photo : Warner Bros.

Who played Nux in Mad Max?

Nicholas HoultMad Max: Fury Road
Nux/Played by

Who was Nicholas Hoult in Avengers?

Nicholas Hoult revealed that he’s game for reprising his role of Beast in a potential X-Men and Avengers crossover movie. Beast (Nicholas Hoult) has been a key part of the current X-Men movie franchise since 2011’s X-Men: First Class.

Is Nicholas Hoult singing in Skins?

Singing. Hoult first sang in his star-making role in About a Boy, singing “Killing Me Softly” with both Toni Collette and Hugh Grant. He later sang a number of songs during his time on the series Skins.

Did Nicholas Hoult audition for Harry Potter?

About A Boy’s Nicholas Hoult has revealed he auditioned for the role of Harry Potter. Hoult says he tried out for the lead role in Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone, but he didn’t get it. He plays Marcus opposite Hugh Grant in About A Boy.

How many people auditioned for Cedric Diggory?

11 Henry Cavil Auditioned to Play Cedric The audition went fine. It’s not as if Cavil blew it or anything, but, as it turns out, the casting director was more fond of Robert Pattinson instead.

Are Bryana Holly and Nicholas Hoult still together?

Nicholas has been with his model girlfriend, Bryana Holly since 2015. The Californian-born model was a Playboy playmate and had several high-profile relationships before settling down with the British actor.

Can Mike Bailey actually sing?

In the Skins series 1 finale, Bailey sang a musical ensemble version of “Wild World” by Cat Stevens. He, along with the rest of the main cast of series 1 and 2, did not return for the third series.

Are Nicholas Hoult and James Mcavoy brothers?

At the age of three, Hoult sat transfixed watching his brother, James, perform in a play and was discovered by the director of that production, who remarked that if he could concentrate on watching a play, then he could be in one. …