What region is Isernia Italy?

Molise region
Isernia, town, Molise region, south central Italy, between the Carpino and Sordo rivers, west of Campobasso. It originated as Aesernia, a town of the Samnites (an ancient Italic people), and later became a Roman colony.

Is Aquila Italian?

The name of Aquila means “Eagle” in Italian.

What is Aquila Italy known for?

Campo di Giove, Campo Felice, Campo Imperatore, Ovindoli and Scanno are the most famous ski resorts in the Region. Thanks to its dimensions and richness, the Province of L’Aquila is the perfect destination for trekking, jogging and horseback riding.

How big is the province of Campobasso in Italy?

The Province of Campobasso is administratively divided into 84 Municipalities with a surface area of 2909 square km and a population, in the census of the year 2000, of about 235,000 inhabitants. According to an administrative reform, from 1 Jan 2014 the Province is scheduled for merging with the Province of Isernia.

Where to find your ancestors in Campobasso Italy?

If you search your ancestors in Campobasso, in the province of Campobasso, Molise region, the documents about your Italian family are stored in the City Office archives and in the parishes in the town.

When did the citizens of Campobasso leave the Old City?

In 1763 the citizens abandoned the old city and settled in the lower valley. The current city was expanded in 1814 by the king of Naples. and lies on the Campo Basso.

Where is the railway station in Campobasso located?

Campobasso railway station, which is managed by Centostazioni, is located in the centre of the city at the junction of two lines: that from Termoli to Vairano and the branch from Benevento . Road traffic is regulated by the State Road Sannitica, by the State Road SS645 Del Tappino and by the State Road 647 Fondo Valle del Biferno.