How big is the Bourges Cathedral?

6,200 square metres
Bourges Cathedral covers a surface of 6,200 square metres (7,400 sq yd). The cathedral’s nave is 41 metres (135 ft) wide by 37 metres (121 ft) high; its arcade is 20 metres (66 ft) high; the inner aisle is 21.3 metres (70 ft) and the outer aisle is 8.6 metres (28 ft) high.

How big is Bourges?

26.54 mi²

Who built Bourges Cathedral?

Henri de Sully
The previous Romanesque cathedral, also dedicated to Saint Etienne, dated back to the 11th and 12th centuries. As for the present cathedral, the decision to construct was made by Henri de Sully, archbishop of Bourges in 1195.

When was the Bourges Cathedral finished?

Bourges Cathedral/Dates opened

Who is buried in Burgos Cathedral?

Built over more than four centuries, the Cathedral bears testimony to the creative genius of architects, sculptors, and craftsmen throughout these periods. Criterion (vi): Burgos Cathedral, with the tomb of El Cid and his wife Doña Jimena, is intimately linked to the history of the Reconquista and Spanish unity.

Who built Laon cathedral?

Gautier de Mortagne
Additionally, Laon’s communal charter was reestablished in 1130. By the late 1150s, construction on the current cathedral had begun under Gautier de Mortagne; it was essentially completed by 1230.

How big is the nave of Bourges Cathedral?

A View of Bourges Cathedral Image courtesy of James Mitchell/Flickr The nave, the central meeting area, of Bourges Cathedral reaches a height of 37 metres, and the cathedral covers an area of 5,900 square metres (63,500 feet), while it sits on an area of 8,500 square metres (91,500 square feet).

What’s the difference between Chartres and Bourges Cathedral?

The cathedral was begun at about the same time as Chartres Cathedral, but the basic plan was very different. Whereas at Chartres and other High Gothic cathedrals the two collateral aisles were the same height as the nave, at Bourges the collateral aisles were of different heights, rising in steps from the outside aisle to the centre.

What are the dimensions of a French Cathedral?

cathedral dimensions exterior length : 144 m interior length : 136.86 m length, transept exterior: 57 m length, nave (11 bays) : 60 m width, western façade: 61.60 m width, nave excluding chapels: 24.20 m north aisle average width : 6.70 m south…

Who was the Bishop of Bourges when it was built?

In the 9th century, Raoul de Turenne reconstructed the older building. Between 1013 and 1030 a new and larger cathedral was constructed by the Bishop Gauzelin. Like the earlier churches, it was built against the city wall, and vestiges of it can be found under the present cathedral.