Who is president of Argentina?

President of Argentina. Current President Mauricio Macri was sworn into office on December 10, 2015. The Constitution of Argentina, along with several constitutional amendments, establishes the requirements, powers, and responsibilities of the president and term of office and the method of election.

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Who was the chairman of Foreign Relations in Argentina?

At this time, there was no central authority, and the closest to that was the Chairman of Foreign Relations, typically the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires.

How long does a president stay in office in Argentina?

Term duration. Under the 1994 constitutional amendment, the President serves for four years, with a possibility of immediate reelection for one more term. However, unlike the President of the United States, in Argentina, a person may be reelected again after serving for two terms and staying out of office for the following term.

Who was the vice president of Argentina in 1904?

Born in Córdoba on November 20, 1860, Alcorta represented Córdoba in Congress before he was Provincial Governor in 1895. He was elected Senator in 1898 and Vice President in 1904.

Who was the first female president of Argentina?

Cristina Fernadez became the first female to be elected as president of Argentina, and she served in the role from 2007 until 2015. She succeeded her husband Nestor Kirchner who was in office from 2003 to 2007. Fernandez studied law, as did her husband, at the University of La Plata, and the two were married in 1975.