How much is a 2001 BMW Z3 worth?

2001 BMW Z3 Value – $1,967-$8,425 | Edmunds.

What goes wrong with BMW Z3?

BMW Z3 common Problems. Corrosion: check the bodywork for corrosion. There shouldn’t be any if the car has been well cared for, but accident damage or neglect can lead to issues. Age is also starting to take its toll on some early cars, with rust most likely to bubble up around the boot lock and mirror bases.

Are BMW Z3 reliable cars?

I’ve had a Z3 BMW for three years now, & it has always been a pleasure to own. The car has always been totally reliable, all that has needed to be done is regular service & add fuel! Being a BMW, the build quality is as you would expect it to be, solid & good quality.

Which Z3 engine is best?

If I was to recommend a Z3 model I’d probably say 2.0 – if you want economy and one of the smoothest 6 cylinder engines in the world. If you want performance without ///M running costs, then go for the 2.8 or the brilliant 3.0. Z3s are all good and will put smiles on your face.

How much is a 2000 BMW Z3 worth?

2000 BMW Z3 Value – $1,654-$7,607 | Edmunds.

Are BMW Z3 expensive to maintain?

BMW Z3 Repair: Service and Maintenance Cost. The annual maintenance cost of a BMW Z3 is $691. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and shop.

Will BMW Z3 go up in value?

The Z3 that are going to increase in value are the 2.8 and 3.0 models, but even then, they’ll only go up if the miles are kept down and even then, only if the car is constantly babied, which isn’t the point of a Z3. A Z3 is a car to buy, drive and enjoy.

What kind of car is a 2001 BMW Z3?

First thing’s first, and this goes without saying, the car is absolutely gorgeous. I found my 2001 on a Chevy lot, and it blew all of the modern designs of the new lines of Chevy out of the water. (except for the new ‘vette, which the previous owner traded the z3 in for) Prior to buying this car, I only had practical experience driving a manual.

Is the BMW Z3 a good car to buy?

The Z3’s interior is cramped, and storage space is limited. Our tests showed handling to be good, but tricky at the limits until the car received stability control for 1999. Even then, the Z3’s manners continued to trail those of the 3-Series BMWs.

What kind of engine does a BMW Z3 Roadster have?

1996-1998 1.9 Roadster. The 138-bhp 4-cylinder Z3s are like the basic blue blazer classically simple. 1999-2000 2.3 Roadster. A 170-bhp inline-6 supplanted the 1.9-liter car for ’99 as the base Z3. The engine displaces 2.5 liters, yet BMW called the new base model the Z3 2.3 go figure.

What’s the maintenance history on a BMW Z3?

In the car’s maintenance history, there’s a work order that showed repairing the door would be a $600 job that required disassembly of the whole door. Also, there’s a slight leak in the roof on the passenger side. The CD player skips on bumpy roads. Minor inconveniences for a ride this exciting.