Is Pandora Todd still married?

For the uninitiated, Pandora is married to a business executive named Jason Sabo. Together, they are involved in multiple business ventures, including the Vanderpump Wine business. They also run the Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

Are Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd still married?

Lisa Vanderpump is still happily married to her husband of more than three decades, Ken Todd. In addition to many years of happy memories, the happy couple share two children, eight dogs, two ponies, eight swans, seven turtles, a number of properties, and more than 30 restaurants.

Was Lisa Vanderpump born rich?

Lisa Vanderpump first made her money alongside her husband Ken Todd, designing bars and restaurants that they owned. Originally from London, England, Vanderpump has come a long way from her roots but has consistently stuck with and been successful in the area that first made her wealthy.

Did Taylor go to Pandora’s wedding?

The housewives were in attendance in their most fabulous attire — with the exception of Taylor Armstrong and Kim Richards. Although not discussed in detail in this episode, Russell Armstrong committed suicide just days prior to the wedding which explains her absence.

Who is the richest housewife of all the franchises?

Yolanda Hadid, mother of Gigi and Bella Hadid, is rolling in cash with a net worth of US$45 million after three seasons on the show.

  • With net worths of about US$100 million, self-proclaimed witch Carlton Gebbia and OG Housewife Kyle Richards are the richest women to ever appear on RHOBH.
  • Is Lisa Vanderpump still a housewife?

    Lisa Vanderpump may have exited The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Season 9, but she still keeps in touch with a couple of ladies from her time on the show.

    How is Lisa Vanderpump so rich?

    She still makes an impressive salary from ‘Vanderpump Rules. ‘ According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lisa’s monetary valuation sits somewhere around $90 million. This impressive sum is, as mentioned previously, thanks largely to her diverse portfolio in the restaurant and entertainment industries.