Who is leaving KPMG Peat Marwick in Florida?

Mr. Horner — who had led the world’s largest accounting firm through six years of tumult, growth and change — was moving out of his corner office at KPMG Peat Marwick a few weeks ago, vacating it for his successor, when a meeting of retired partners took place in Florida.

How much did John Horner make at Peat Marwick?

Mr. Horner was making $1.2 million by the end of his term as chairman, roughly 10 times what the lowest-level Peat partner earns. And there were 12 rather well-paid vice chairmen, three added during the Horner days. The younger partners were irritated, and their political clout made their voices important.

Who are the clients of Peat Marwick Inc?

Peat, after all, has thousands of clients, including some of America’s bluest-chip companies, and its policies and actions, shaped by the chairman, spill into offices around the globe.

When did KPMG China move to Hong Kong?

The presence of KPMG China can be traced back to 1945. When Hong Kong was occupied in December 1941, the head office of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank was transferred to London. Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co of London, one of the banks’ auditors was asked to assist in preparing the bank’s accounts.

When did the partners revolt at Peat Marwick?

And Peat Marwick has had more than its share of unrest. In October 1979, for example, 1,053 partners of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., as the firm was then known, gathered at a posh Florida resort for a meeting that should have been just a formality.

Who is Charles T.Smith of Peat Marwick?

If all this was like a cauldron waiting to boil over, it was Charles T. Smith who turned up the heat. Mr. Smith, a retired partner in Greenville, S.C., served on Peat’s board from 1984 to 1986. He calls himself a big booster of the firm who “certainly doesn’t want to say anything detrimental.”