Where is the airport in Leipzig, Germany located?

Despite its name, the airport is located in the village Schkeuditz in the district Delitzsch. A deal between the city of Leipzig and Delitzsch led to a land exchange.

How to contact European Air Transport in Leipzig?

If you are a journalist and have an enquiry regarding European Air Transport in Leipzig/Halle, please contact the Group Press Office: https://www.dpdhl.com/de/presse/pressekontakt.html

How many runways does Leipzig / Halle Airport have?

Leipzig/Halle Airport has two runways. The terminal access is south of the railway while the runway 08L/26R parallels the driveway north of the railway, requiring aircraft to taxi on a bridge over the tracks and roads.

Are there military flights from Halle to Leipzig?

Leipzig/Halle is used as technical stop for refueling on these flights. They do not appear at any official timetable. Marines and Soldiers flown via Leipzig/Halle are listed as transit passengers in its traffic statistics. Miami Air International airlines and others operate military charter flights via Leipzig/Halle.

What kind of cargo can be transported at Leipzig Airport?

The Leipzig airfreight hub has a World Cargo Center with an area of ​​20,000 m². The airport is designed to transport animals and has received CEIV Pharma certification. It enables to transport medicine and sensitive pharmaceutical goods. In the coming years, the airport will be expanded; for example, it will gain a second Cargo City.

Which is the largest airline at Leipzig Halle?

As of April 2018, the largest passenger Airline at Leipzig/Halle Airport (measured by weekly departures) is Condor with 55 outgoing flights per week. For this purpose, three Airbus A321 aircraft are stationed at the airport. The second largest Airline on place is Small Planet Airlines (Germany) with 18 outgoing flights per week.