Where are the music sheets in shovel Knight?

Music Sheets are a collectable item in Shovel Knight that are hidden throughout the land. They can be found in the lairs of The Order of No Quarter, in villages, and everywhere in between.

Should you sell music sheets shovel Knight?

A player may decide not to redeem their music sheets, as they are not lost on death, however, the gold earned via selling the sheets may partially be. In Plague of Shadows, the 41 scrolls are a secondary collectible, coexisting together with Cipher Coins, and are instead known as Scrap Sheets.

How much is shovel Knight worth?

At present, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove costs around £18.99/$24.99 USD (with prices fluctuating depending on platform), and already offers some top-tier value.

How do you get relics in shovel Knight?

Relics can be found in each Order of No Quarter stage by finding Chester’s blue chest in a stage and by buying them from him for a price. If a stage is finished without buying the Relic in it from Chester, he will sell it in the Village for a higher Price.

How do you get armor in shovel Knight?

Availability. Shovel Knight starts only with his trusty Stalwart Plate, but he can purchase new armors from the Armorer at the Armor Outpost reached. Once purchased, Armors can be freely switched by speaking again to the Armorer, or the Goatarmorer found in the Village in New Game Plus.

How do you get chaos armor in shovel Knight?

The Armor of Chaos is a special Armor, exclusive to the Sony versions. To obtain it, the Grave Digger’s Shovel, rewarded upon the defeat of Kratos, must be given to the Armorer. This Armor is white with red decorations, making it resemble Kratos’ own pallor.

How do you get the curious map in shovel Knight?

When inside the Hall of Champions, Shovel Knight must go to the secret room at the right of the building. When inside, he must Shovel Drop the rightmost place he can stand which will reveal a hidden tunnel. The tunnel leads into a dark room containing the Curious Map.

Is Hollow Knight the same as shovel Knight?

Hollow Knight is a Bit Like Shovel Knight, Except the Knight is Hollow Instead of Carrying a Shovel. As the video game industry gets older, we see less mind-blowing new concepts and more clever variations on established ideas.

How do you get the propeller dagger in shovel Knight?

The Propeller Dagger can be purchased from Chester in the Flying Machine stage for 4000 gold or in the Village for 5000 gold if it was not picked up before completion of the level.

How do you use relics in shovel Knight?

Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope

  1. Run: + Control Pad.
  2. Jump: A.
  3. Dig Slash: B.
  4. Shovel Drop (in air): Down.
  5. Use Relic: Up + B.
  6. Climb Ladders (near a ladder): Up.
  7. Talk (near someone): Up.
  8. Sub Screen: SELECT.