What platform is Stampy on?

For six years, the Lovely World was played on the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft. After that edition was discontinued after the Update Aquatic, the world has now been played on the Bedrock edition (PC) since 2020, making the only Minecraft series in the channel to be played on two versions.

Where can I watch wonder quest?

Parents need to know that Wonder Quest is a Maker Studios series that’s available to watch on YouTube; it’s inspired by Minecraft and its central character hails from creator Joseph Garrett’s other Internet hit, Stampylonghead.

Is Wonder quest over?

Wonder Quest premiered on April 25, 2015. As of December 2016, the series has garnered over 101 million views. The first episode of season 2 was released on August 20, 2016….Wonder Quest (web series)

Wonder Quest
Production companies Maker Studios YouTube
Original network YouTube
Original release April 25, 2015 – November 5, 2016

Is Wonder Quest Cancelled?

Wonder Quest is a YouTube edutainment children’s web series starring Stampy and Wizard Keen. The series was created by Joseph Garrett and Disney’s Maker Studios….

Wonder Quest
Date Joined 16th May 2014
Status Inactive
Social Media
Other Merch powered by Maker Shop (closed)

Where was the hot air balloon in hit the target?

Episode thumbnail of “Fight In Flight” with Hit the Target and his Hot Air Balloon in the background. The previous episodes show a hot air balloon appearing on certain instances. Stampy and Lee were building the Beat the Heat Fire Station when Stampy had to go back to his house to get some black wool.

How did hit the target become Stampy’s friend?

Stampy goes to the Nether to gather up supplies for his Nether Wart Farm. He finds Hit the Target’s Nether Fortress. Hit the Target tells Stampy he was trying to protect Stampy’s dogs from being killed. Hit The Target becomes Stampy’s friend and they share a cake. Stampy kills Hit The Target (who was a ghost) to return him to life.

What happens to breadstick in hit the target?

Stampy successfully kills Hit the Target after a chase, but not without causing Lucky’s death. BreadStick also died from many of Hit the Target’s arrow shots. After the episode “Unexpected Drama”, a Hit the Target ghost appeared in certain occasions. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle.

What kind of skin does hit the target have?

Hit the Target’s skin in his earliest appearances. In his early appearances, his skin before was the Tuxedo Steve skin. In later episodes where he was shown to be a villain, his skin was changed completely, now being General Akamoto from Skulls of the Shogun .