What nationality was the referee in the 1966 World Cup?

Swiss referee Gottfried Dienst was chosen to officiate the final, with the fact he was multilingual perhaps a factor in the decision.

What was the nationality of the linesman in the 1966 World Cup final?

He was notable for being the linesman who helped to award a contentious goal for England in the 1966 FIFA World Cup Final against West Germany….Tofiq Bahramov.

Tofiq Bəhramov
Nationality USSR Azerbaijan
Occupation Football player and referee

Who knocked Brazil out of the 1966 World Cup?

The trophy, a gold cup called the Jules Rimet trophy after the Frenchman who played an important part in FIFA, went to Uruguay. They won an exciting final 4-2 against Brazil in front of a record crowd of 200,000. The 1966 World Cup was the 8th tournament.

Who referred 1966 World Cup?

England was chosen as host of the 1966 World Cup in Rome, Italy on 22 August 1960, over rival bids from West Germany and Spain.

What was the date of the 1966 World Cup final?

July 30, 1966
1966 FIFA World Cup Final/Start dates

Who did Germany beat Semi Final 1966?

The World Cup semi-final between West Germany and USSR took place 50 years ago today at Goodison Park. The match itself was a dour affair, typical of those that had preceded it, but the main controversy was off the field.

How many 1966 players are still alive?

Four members of England’s 1966 World Cup team are still alive. They are as follows: Bobby Charlton is currently 83 years old. The iconic footballer was diagnosed with dementia late last year, which his wife revealed in an interview with The Telegraph.

What Colour was England’s shirt in 1966?

Why are England wearing white shirts for World Cup semi-final against Croatia? They wore red in the 1966 final – and the colour has brought England luck 52 years later.

Who was the referee in the 1966 World Cup?

Bahramov, who fought in the Second World War, played for Spartak, Dinamo and Neftchi Baku until the 1950s before retiring with a serious leg injury. He officiated for more than 20 years, refereeing in the 1966 and 1970 World Cups, the European championships and the first leg of the 1972 Uefa Cup final between Tottenham and Wolves at Molineux.

Where did the 1966 FIFA World Cup take place?

The 1966 FIFA World Cup, the eighth staging of the World Cup, took place in England from 11 July to 30 July 1966. Sixteen teams from four confederations participated in the final tournament: 10 from Europe (UEFA), 4 from South America (CONMEBOL), 1 from North America, Central America and Caribbean (CONCACAF), and 1 from Asia (AFC).

Where did the FIFA World Cup officials come from?

All 18 match officials between 1934 and 1966 came from UEFA. Approximately 92.8% of match officials for the 2002 to 2018 finals have come from UEFA and CONMEBOL. ^ “Match Report Final 1930”. Archived from the original on 2009-01-30.

When did Tofiq Bahramov referee in the World Cup?

In the 1966 World Cup he officiated as a linesman for both the opening match and the Final, and refereed a first round match. In the 1970 World Cup he officiated at three matches including a semi-final. In 1972, he refereed the first leg of the UEFA Cup Final between the English clubs Wolverhampton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur.