What is the price of Ice-Watch?

How much do Ice-Watch Watches cost?

Ice-Watch Watches Price
Ice-Watch Ice Sixty Nine 7278 Watch – For Unisex ₹ 3,780
Ice-Watch Ice Sixty Nine 7280 Watch – For Unisex ₹ 3,780
Ice-Watch Ice Steel 15769 Watch – For Men ₹ 8,080
Ice-Watch Ice Steel 15770 Watch – For Men ₹ 7,070

Who makes Ice-Watch?

Jean-Pierre Lutgen
Ice-Watch is an international watch brand created in 2007 by Belgian entrepreneur Jean-Pierre Lutgen, based on the concept of “Change. You can”. The Ice-Watch brand is distributed in 110 countries in over 12,000 points of sale.

Is Ice-Watch Swiss made?

Ice-Watch has made a move into the Swiss watch market with its first ever collection of Swiss-made timepieces.

Is Ice-Watch waterproof?

Ice-Watch ensures all their watches are waterproof before they leave the Ice-Watch factory. All good quality watches are waterproof to perspiration. Ice Watch have recently upgraded their watch casing to ice-ramic, ensuring all the latest Ice Watch models to be water resitant up to 10 ATM.

How do I know if my Ice Watch is real?

2 Simple Checks to identify a fake or replica Ice-watch:

  1. Fake / replica Ice-Watch: Most fake watches have “Designed in Belgiam” written on the reverse of the case.
  2. Fake / replica Ice-Watch: Most fake watches have “ice-watch” written on the stainless steel buckle.

Why did Olafur Eliasson make ice?

It was a temporary installation that was meant to serve as an explanation and a reminder of the impacts of climate change. Eliasson believed that the ice was beautiful, and you can smell it, touch it, and essentially lay your hands on it to witness the cooling and the melting.

How are ice watches categorised in the world?

Within the Ice-Watch brand, each watch belongs to a specific collection with its own distinctive name. Ice-Watch brand watches are categorised based on styles or designs. You can therefore find the same model/reference/sku in different colours, materials and sizes within the same collection.

Where can I buy an ice watch online?

You can locate a retailer through the store locator link on the website. Once your watch is dispatched, you will be able to follow the repair process via the information communicated to you by the retailer. If you can not find a retailer near you, please contact our teams via the online contact form.

Which is the best ice watch for men?

ICE steel – Black sunset silver. Men’s and robust, this silver stainless steel watch will provide a distinctive style to your casual everyday outfits. With its black gradient dial with gold rose details and metal mesh bracelet, it will enhance your wrist with an elegant and modern touch.

What kind of pouch does an Ice Watch come in?

It comes in a reusable felt pouch made from recycled plastic bottles. Check out the fabulously minimalist, block-colour look of the ICE colour Citrus watch. This great little yellow timepiece will be a hit with those who love wearing bold, colourful watches.