What is the best time to cruise the Mississippi river?

The best time to cruise the Mississippi River is during the months of spring (March, April, May) or fall (September, October, November) to avoid the extreme hot and cold temperatures in summer and winter.

What cruise lines operate on the Mississippi river?

Mississippi River Cruise Lines Two companies ply the Mississippi on a regular basis. American Cruise Lines operates nearly nine itineraries, anywhere from five to 22 days, on the Lower and Upper Mississippi, while American Queen Steamboat Company operates four paddlewheelers on all of the Mississippi.

Are there any river cruises in the United States?

While there are numerous small North America river cruises on offer, the two major regions within North America are the Mississippi River in the central United States, and the Columbia & Snake Rivers that border the western states of Oregon and Washington State.

Does the Mississippi River mix with the Gulf?

The Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico. The two bodies of water never mix with each other; allowing the Gulf of Mexico to retain its clear, blue color.

What is a river boat cruise?

A river cruise is a type of cruise in which people travel along a river, usually in a flat-bottomed boat. Travelers will often get to enjoy the scenery as well explore a number of ports along the river during the time spent on these cruises.

Is the Mississippi River in New Orleans?

New Orleans is located in the Mississippi River Delta, south of Lake Pontchartrain , on the banks of the Mississippi River, approximately 105 miles (169 km) upriver from the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the Mississippi River boat?

A Mississippi River System -type riverboat, from an 1850s daguerrotype. A riverboat is a watercraft designed for inland navigation on lakes, rivers, and artificial waterways.