What is closed caption at the movie theater?

Closed captioning (CC) refers to the text version of the spoken words that accompany videos or movies so that us deaf and hard of hearing people can also enjoy watching movies.

Are movie theaters required to provide captioning?

The rule requires that movie theater auditoriums provide closed movie captioning and audio description when showing a digital movie distributed with such features unless doing so would result in an undue burden or a fundamental alteration.

Are all movies Closed captioned?

Not all movies are captioned in the same way, and terminology to describe the types of captioning varies. Most people use the terms open captioning (OC) and closed captioning (CC).

Can a deaf person go to the movies?

It is rare for first-run movies shown in theaters to be instantly accessible to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or visually impaired, however. Closed captions in theaters consists of captions that can only be seen by a person with the necessary equipment, typically provided by the theater at no charge.

Should I use open or closed captions?

When Should You Use Open Captions? Open captions should be used any time you don’t have control of a closed caption feature. On websites, for example, some hosting services won’t provide a closed caption option, making it necessary to hard-code captions to the video file.

When was the Arlington Theater in Arlington Heights built?

The present day Arlington Theaters was built in 1999, opening on December 17, 1999 with 1,540 seats. It was part of an effort to revitalize the downtown Arlington Heights area with new condos, restuarants, stores, and a live theatre, the Metropolis Performing Arts Center. The developer was Joseph Freed and Associates.

What do you need to know about Arlington Heights?

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Where is the metropolis in Arlington Heights IL?

Metropolis is one of the Northwest suburb’s leading venues for quality entertainment ranging from a Main Stage subscription series to rock, country, comedy, and cabaret concerts.

When is the farmers market in Arlington Heights?

Farmers Market, May 15 – October 16 Starting May 15, the Farmers Market will be held every Saturday, 8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in Lot S, across from the Museum at Vail and Fremont. Arlington Heights Lives Green Embrace our environment and learn more about living a greener lifestyle!