What is a good time for 800m swim?

Fitness Pace Chart

100 200 800
1:00 2:00 8:00
1:05 2:10 8:40
1:10 2:20 9:20
1:15 2:30 10:00

What swimmer won the 800-meter free when they were 15?

Rebecca Adlington, the 2008 gold medalist in women’s 800 free at age 19, was 23 four years later when a 15-year-old Ledecky upset her for the gold in London. Adlington would never swim in a major international meet again.

Who is the fastest swimmer in the world 2017?

Meet Caeleb Dressel, the Fastest Swimmer in the World.

Who holds the 800m freestyle world record?

Zhang Lin
The current mark is held by Zhang Lin in a time of 7:32.12, who dropped Hackett’s mark by a ridiculous 6.5 seconds at the super-suit Worlds in 2009. Hackett’s short course world record, however, survived the polyurethane suit era and remains at 7:23.42.

How long does it take to swim 800m freestyle?

It really depends on how fit the swimmer is, the age and whether the swimmer had trained competitively. If you are an average adult female who had not trained as a competitor during younger years, you would be doing about 1 minute per 50m lap. That means, at fastest, your time would be about 16 minutes.

How old is Katie Ledecky now?

24 years (March 17, 1997)
Katie Ledecky/Age
A two-time Olympian, the 24-year-old has won six Olympic medals in her career, five of them gold. Just four months after her 15th birthday, Ledecky won gold in the 800m freestyle at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Who is fastest swimmer in world?

Dressel has one more individual final, the 50-m freestyle, on the last day of the swimming competition in Tokyo. In his semifinal for the event, which he swam not long after winning the 100-m, Dressel recorded a time of 21.42 seconds—the fastest of any swimmer.

Is the women’s 800m in the 2020 Olympics?

But the International Olympic Committee’s announcement Friday that the 2020 Tokyo Games will include the women’s 1,500 and the men’s 800 finally equalizes both genders’ opportunities and brings the lineup into the 21st century. Katie Ledecky leads the field during the women’s 800m freestyle in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Why are women not allowed to swim in the 800?

Not allowing men and women compete in the 800 and the 1,500 has only forced swimmers to tailor their abilities to a limited Olympic lineup, and both have been disadvantaged.

What’s the longest distance a woman can swim in the Olympics?

For decades, the longest distance women could swim in the Olympics was the 800-meter freestyle, while the men maxed out at the 1,500 in the pool. American superstar Katie Ledecky was unable to swim her best event, despite holding the world record in it – which she broke twice at the 2015 world championships.