What happened Renault Espace?

The Espace and the Scenic minivans, and the Talisman large sedan, will not be part of the automaker’s future product program as Renault seeks to cut costs, one of the sources said. Although no final decision has been taken, “it is practically a given that these models will stop,” the source said.

Has Renault discontinued the scenic?

Last year the regular Scenic was axed from the range. Renault said that the decision to remove the Grand Scenic from the range was made prior to Covid-19, and that the pandemic’s outbreak did not affect its plans. The Grand Scenic will continue to be sold in Europe alongside the Koleos.

What is the top of the range Scenic?

Topping the range is Signature Nav trim, which costs from £26,445 on the Scenic and £28,375 on the Grand Scenic. This adds black leather upholstery for the seats, a Napa leather steering wheel, powered front seats, full LED headlights and front foglights.

Which is the fourth generation of Renault Espace?

The fourth generation, also an MPV, was manufactured by Renault. The Renault Grand Espace is a long wheelbase (LWB) version with increased rear leg room and boot size.

How big is the engine in a Renault 4CV?

Cars were equipped with range of engines of 747 – 760 cc (45.7 – 46.6 cui) displacement, delivering 12.5 – 26 kW (17 – 35 PS, 17 – 35 hp) of power. Renault 4CV is constructionally closely related also to HINO RENAULT PA.

Who was the designer of the Renault 4CV?

The 4CV was originally conceived and designed covertly by Renault engineers during the World War II German occupation of France, when the manufacturer was under strict orders to design and produce only commercial and military vehicles.

Where is the Renault Espace in Gran Turismo 2?

This version of the Espace was featured in driving simulator game Gran Turismo 2. Frank Williams was a noted passenger of the Espace F1, chauffeured by Williams driver David Coulthard. The Espace F1 currently resides in the Matra Museum in France.