What games are like Interland?

7 Internet Safety Games to Help Kids Become Cyber Smart

  • Interland.
  • Cyber Defense Quiz.
  • The Case of the Cyber Criminal.
  • Band Runner.
  • Internet Safety Hangman.
  • Privacy Pirates.
  • Cyber-Five.

What is the Cyber 5?

The Cyber 5 period—Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday—brings in record shoppers and sales for many retailers. For some retailers, it’s the most important time of the year, as they’ve spent months preparing for the influx of shoppers.

How can you be cybersmart to stay safe?

Be Cyber-Smart!

  1. Think twice before clicking on links or opening attachments.
  2. Verify requests for private information.
  3. Protect your passwords.
  4. Protect your stuff!
  5. Keep your devices, browsers, and apps up to date.
  6. Back up critical files.
  7. Delete sensitive information when it’s no longer needed.

Who made internet awesome?

The Be Internet Awesome curriculum gives educators the tools and methods they need to teach digital safety fundamentals. The materials developed by Google in partnership with iKeepSafe enable educators to bring the most critical teachings—and the excitement of Interland—into the classroom.

Are there any online games that teach internet safety?

This week’s roundup is all about online games that teach Internet safety. The topics covered by these games are diverse, and although some are created specifically for kids as young as seven, others are created for older teens and grownups.

How long does it take to play Internet safety games?

Designed for grades three to five, each of the five modules includes video and an interactive game, and they take about forty-five minutes to complete. Topics covered are cellphone usage, online messaging, cyber-bullying, effective search, and creative mash-ups.

Which is the best game to teach kids about cyber safety?

The quiz teaches children about a range of safety topics, like email attachments, password strength, cyber crime, and much more. While the questions on offer are great, it’s best to play this alongside your children.

Which is the best website for Internet safety?

Topics include password safety, stranger danger, privacy, gossip, identify theft, sexting, inappropriate content, online predators, digital literacy, and cyber-bullying. OnGuardOnline.gov is a project of the US government to help citizens stay safe online. This resource page lists videos, tutorials and thirteen games.