What does LOB mean in business?

1. An LOB (line-of-business) is a general term that describes the products or services offered by a business or manufacturer.

What does the abbreviation LOB mean?


Acronym Definition
LOB Large Object(s)
LOB Line Of Business
LOB Left On Base (baseball)
LOB Legion of Boom (Seattle Seahawks)

What does LOB mean in accounting?

Line of business
Line of business (LOB) is a general term which refers to a product or a set of related products that serve a particular customer transaction or business need. In some industry sectors, like insurance, “line of business” also has a regulatory and accounting definition to meet a statutory set of insurance policies.

What is NCA the abbreviation for?

NCA. National Crime Agency (UK)

What is LOB in project management?

Line of Balance (LOB) is a management control process for collecting, measuring, and presenting facts relating to time (see Schedule Control), cost, and accomplishment – all measured against a specific plan. Comparing actual progress with a formal objective plan.

What are examples of line of business?

8 Examples of Line Of Business

  • Consumer Banking. Banking products for individuals including credit cards, loans, mortgages and bank accounts.
  • Small Business Banking.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Property & Casualty Insurance.
  • Reinsurance.
  • Retail Brokerage.
  • Wealth Management.
  • Large Accounts.

What is lob medical term?

, lobi-, lob- [L. lobus, husk, pod fr. Gr. lobos, lobe (of ear or liver)] Prefixes meaning lobe.

What is lob in editing?

LOB columns are columns that contain large amounts of data either in Binary Format (BLOBs) or Character Format (CLOBs). Tables with LOB data can be processed like other data types, and LOB data can be edited and browsed like other data.

What is lob in project management?

What does NCA mean in slang?

Nca. (n! aah) – meaning everything is cool or things are good. For example, “the food was nca my friend.” “How are you? I am nca.”

What is full form of NCA?

NCA Full Form

Full Form Category Term
North Central Association Space Science NCA
North Caicos Airport Code NCA
National Certified Alarms Certifications NCA
National College of Arts Educational Institute NCA

What is lob in inventory?

A detailed and often descriptive catalog, aggregate view or list of relevant Lines of Business (LoBs) that is often somewhat important, sanctioned or approved in its nature. …

What does the lob stand for in business?

LOB: Line Of Business: LOB: Line-Of-Balance (project management) LOB: Limit Order Book (finance) LOB: Lost on Board (travel) LOB: Limitation of Benefit (insurance) LOB: Lease Office Building (United Arab Emirates)

What does the acronym NCA stand for in English?

Acronym Definition; NCA: National Command Authorities: NCA: National Communication Association: NCA: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools: NCA: National Crime Agency

Who was responsible for the occupational division of NCA?

In the 1960s, Marty retained the services of Lew Presnall to be responsible for the Occupational Division of NCA. Lew discovered that to help alcoholics, the focus needed to be related to job performance, rather than alcohol-related. Acronyms browser ?

What does the NCA stand for in Pakistan?

He said, ‘The NCA is historical educational institute and it made us proud as it produced great artists who earned fame for Pakistan through their works.’ Her student and former NCA principal Salima Hashmi said Ms Abidi belonged to the original NCA team.