What are the categories of Indian rural marketing?

Rural Market and Retail Sales Outlets The rural market consists of a number of retail sales outlets along with low price shops under the public distribution system. The government should take initiatives to encourage private shopkeepers and cooperative stores to come forward and establish their business in rural areas.

What are the different methods of rural marketing?

Top 9 Rural Marketing Strategies Available to Target the Rural Market Effectively (With Examples)

  • Segmentation of Rural Market:
  • Competitive Strategy:
  • Product Strategy:
  • Pricing Strategy:
  • Communication Strategy:
  • Distribution Strategy:

What are the different modes of rural communication?

Media used in Rural Marketing Communication The media used in rural marketing could be: Mass Media or Conventional Media – TV, Radio, Print, Cinema, Video on Wheels etc-

What is rural communication?

Rural communication is an interactive process in which information, knowledge and skills, relevant for development are exchanged between farmers, extension/advisory services, information providers and research either personally or through media such as radio, print and more recently the new “Information and …

What are the problems of rural marketing?

Rural markets typically signify complex logistical challenges that directly translate into high distribution costs. Bad roads, inadequate warehousing and lack of good distributors pose as major problems to the marketers.

What are the challenge in rural communication?

Low literacy levels; poor media reach and exposure and vast, heterogeneous and diversely spread rural audiences characterized by variations in language, culture and lifestyle-all these factors pose multiple challenges to marketers looking to take their messages to the largely media-dark or media-grey areas, of rural …

What is the important means of communication in rural areas?

Communication in agriculture is not only to inform and create awareness among the farmers but also to implement new ideas that change the mode of farming. Village extension workers (VEWs) inform the farmers about the new technologies, but they are not keeping pace with the advancement of technical know-how.

What are the challenges of rural communication?

There are many challenges to communication in rural like Low literacy level, poor media reach and exposure.

Which is a focused communication for rural India?

Over the last 25 years, we have been involved in developing campaigns for a variety of products ranging from agri-inputs such as fertilisers, agro chemicals and seeds, to consumer durables, FMCG and the services sector. This has helped us understand the special characteristics of the rural audience. Some insights:

How does a rural marketing strategy work in India?

Any rural communications strategy will work only if the listed problems are addressed. Conventional advertising and communications work partially in villages because reaching customers is difficult. 1. The rural customer will choose a channel only if it solves a problem for him or adds value in some way.

How are traditional media used in rural India?

Traditional media can be used to reach these people in the marketing a new concept. Media reach in rural parts of India is very limited. Rural India consists of about 127 million households of which only 54% come in contact with any of the conventional media. The existing media-mix for reaching out to the consumers in rural U.P needs improvement.

What are the two arms of rural communication?

The two vital arms of rural communication are the development of creative to suit specific target audiences and communication delivery using appropriate vehicles. Though rural folks receive all types of selling messages through multiple sources, it has been found that the two-tier system — opinion leaders and the masses — continues to exist.