Should my center speaker be above or below TV?

Center speakers fit great on top of an entertainment cabinet or easily on a shelf mounted above or below the TV screen. Just make sure the speaker in angled up or down towards the listener for best performance. Always place the center channel speaker as close to the screen as possible, whether in front or behind.

How far should center speakers be from TV?

The distance between the stereo speakers should match the distance that you are sitting from the television. For example, if you are sitting 6 feet from the television, then each stereo speaker needs to be 3 feet away from the television. The center speaker should be aligned with the center of your television.

What is the center channel speaker for?

It is the channel that is mostly, or fully, dedicated to the reproduction of the dialogue of an audiovisual program. The speaker(s) connected to the center channel are placed in the center of and behind the perforated projection screen, to give the effect that sounds from the center channel are coming from the screen.

Is it worth getting 7.1 surround?

A 7.1 system is a great choice for larger rooms where sound may get lost in the space. It provides a deeper surround sound listening experience. Theater quality media designed for a 7.1 system will come through clearer than it would on a 5.1 system.

Should center speaker be louder than front?

No, when properly calibrated, the center should not be louder than the fronts. The numbers you see in the setup doesn’t mean the center is louder (or not as loud). Those adjustments exist so that you can account for differences in loudness between speaker models (e.g. your center vs.

Can I use rear speakers as front speakers?

You can use surround speakers as front speakers by swapping out the speakers’ connections in the back of the AV receiver. The sound that should be going to your front speakers will be delivered to your surround speakers, but you may not get the same sound quality.

Where to put center speaker?

Place the center speaker directly above or below your TV and line it up with the middle of the screen so that it’s centered. If the speaker is much lower or higher than your head when you are seated, tilt it up or down to point the sound towards the listener.

Can I use soundbar as center channel speaker?

If all of the connections of your soundbar and your receiver match up, then technically yes, you could use a soundbar as a center channel speaker. Should you hook up your soundbar to the center channel? The short answer is no. Using a soundbar as a center can not only ruin your sound, it may also cause damage to your equipment.

What is a center channel speaker?

Center Channel Speaker. The center speaker is the single most important loudspeaker in a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 surround sound system, as it is responsible for much of the dialogue of film soundtracks. Center speakers are located near and normally somewhere below the actual video screen.