Is Chandler Moore married?

Moore became engaged to Hannah Poole in March 2021. Moore and Poole got married on June 8, 2021, during a wedding ceremony held at The 4 Eleven in Fort Worth, Texas.

Where is Chandler Moore originally from?

Charleston, SC
Chandler Moore/Place of birth

Who is Chandler Moore engaged to?

Hannah Poole
A well-known worship artist has married the love of his life, one year to the day of their meeting. Chandler Moore, the frontman of Maverick City Music, and Hannah Poole were married on Tuesday, June 8, in Fort Worth, Tex.

What church does Chandler Moore go to?

All Nations Worship Assembly-Atlanta
Often referred to as a modern day King David, Chandler is a worship leader, songwriter, and instrumentalist. Although his creative calling takes him around the globe, Chandler commits himself to leading the Production Department of his church, All Nations Worship Assembly-Atlanta.

When did Chandler Moore get married?

Couple share wedding snaps on Instagram Hannah Poole and Chandler Moore tied the knot on 8 June 2021, a year after they first met.

Where does Dante Bowe go to church?

Addereth Church
Dante lives in Columbus, Georgia where he is a worship pastor at Addereth Church and a songwriter with Maverick City Music and Heritage Publishing in Atlanta.

When did Chandler Moore and Hannah start dating?

We first met June 8th 2020, and we got married a year later to the date,” the couple tells PEOPLE. “These last 12 months have been full of joy, and that’s exactly what our wedding was.” “Laughs, tears, and the presence of the One who we love,” they add.

Did Chandler Moore sing with Travis Greene?

Chandler has been a background vocalist for Travis Greene and Tye Tribbett. He has been fortunate to pen songs that have been placed on albums by VaShawn Mitchell, Briana “Bri” Babineaux, & Tye Tribbett.

What church is maverick City Music associated with?

Elevation Worship
The 13-track LP is the first collaborative album between Christian worship collective Elevation Worship, based in Charlotte, N.C., and the Atlanta-based Maverick City Music.

Is Amanda Cook part of Maverick City Music?

In 2010, Cook joined the Bethel Music collective, and has since released two albums under Bethel – Brave New World and House on a Hill….Other appearances.

Year Song Album
2020 “Closer” (Maverick City Music featuring Amanda Lindsey Cook) Maverick City Vol. 3 Part 1

Who wrote the songs on old church basement?

“Talking to Jesus” debuted at No. 9 on the Hot Christian Songs chart and atop the Hot Gospel Songs chart. “Wait on You” also debuted at No….Track listing.

No. 1.
Title “Old Church Basement” (featuring Dante Bowe)
Writer(s) Dante Bowe Steven Furtick Brandon Lake Chandler Moore
Length 6:42

How many brothers and sisters does Chandler Moore have?

He is the son of Bishop Brian & Elder Jametta C. Moore. It’s also not known whether he has any brothers or sisters. Further information regarding his parents has not yet been revealed to the public.

How tall is Chandler Moore of King David?

Chandler David Moore is a native of Charleston, South Carolina, currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an American worship leader, songwriter, and instrumentalist. Chandler is often referred to as a modern-day King David. Chandler has also been a background vocalist for Travis Greene and Tye Tribbett.

What kind of music does Chandler Moore make?

Chandler is currently partnered with Maverick City, which is is an American contemporary worship music collective and record label founded by Tony Brown and Jonathan Jay, originating from Atlanta, Georgia. The collective has released two extended plays, Maverick City, Vol. 1 (2019), and Maverick City, Vol.

Who is Chandler Moore of Maverick City music collective?

Moore is a member of the Maverick City Music collective, and has a leading role in the production department of All Nations Worship Assembly in Atlanta, Georgia. [1] Moore made his solo debut in 2014 with the release of “Never Run Out” and “Our Hope” as singles.