How much is a 289 HiPo worth?

289 HiPo/HiPo s can go for 4500 to 15K depending on setup, history and condition.

How much HP can you get out of a 289?

500 hp is the “generally accepted” limit on any 289-302 block.

How can you tell if you have a HiPo 289?

Registered. Two dots, not one, cast into the head, valve spring cups cast into the heads, and treaded, not pressed in, rocker arm studs. Those are the easy ways of telling at a glance.

How do I identify a Ford 289 high performance engine?

Factory-installed 289 High Performance engines had the vehicle serial number stamped into the righthand side of the block near the battery’s negative-cable attachment point.

What makes a 289 Hipo?

The 289 High Performance V-8 is a warmed-up 289 with a hotter solid-lifter camshaft, cylinder heads designed for high rpm, a dual-point ignition engineered for higher revs, cast-iron exhaust headers, and a wider harmonic balancer to deal with increased reciprocating mass down under.

How can I get more horsepower out of my 289?

Install a high-flowing dual-plane intake, ceramic coated headers (stock 289 HiPo manifolds flow well and will fit nicely on GT40P heads if you opt to use them), a 675-750 cfm carburetor (or a retrofitted 5.0L electronic fuel injection system), and a good HEI-style aftermarket distributor.

What year did Ford stop making the 289?

The 302 replaced the 289 in 1968 and had a 27-year production run, primarily as a Mustang engine option. Ford manufactured the 351 in Windsor, Ontario, and in Cleveland, hence the “351W” and “351C” designations.

What makes a 289 HiPo?

What is a 289 special?

Rare Ford “289 Special” Engine: This engine bolts right into MK1 and MK1A 260 Tigers. This is basically a 289 in 260 clothes. It was only made in one year, 1964. These motors are coveted by Tiger guys as a great alternative to the original 260s as they look identical on the exterior.

Are 289 & 302 heads the same?

Ultimately all 302 heads were carryovers of the 289 head, making them all interchangeable. Port and valve size is the same as a 2V/4V head with 1.78/1.45-inch valves and 1.94 x 1.04-inch intake and 1.24 x 1.00-inch exhaust ports.

How can I make my 289 faster?

To make a 289 run strong you apply the same formula as any sbf, a good combo of heads/cam/intake/exhaust and you are good to go. The 289 uses the same heads, intakes, etc. as any 302/5.0. You can even convert to a roller cam, late model firing order and efi if you want to.

Are 289 and 302 blocks the same?

A 302 is basically a stroked 289. Same block, same piston. The extra stroke was made up for by shortening the rod from 5.155″ to 5.090″. The short cylinder stuff is not holding water with me since there are 347s on the road with 289 blocks.