How many amps is a Tekin RX8?

That is only 35 amps average.

How do you calibrate a Tekin RX8?

Calibration; press and hold the MODE button for 3 seconds to enter radio calibrate, let the speed control “find” your neutral, then let it “find” your full throttle and full brake.

Is Tekin RX8 waterproof?

The long awaited Tekin RX4 Waterproof ESC (electronic speed control) has hit the RC market. The long running RX8 (generation 3 now) has been the go to ESC from Tekin…

How can I update my Tekin HotWire?

Visit to get the latest software updates for all your Tekin products. Download the HotWire App on your Android or iOS device to program your Tekin Speed Control on the go. Connect to iOS devices with the HotWire 3.0 via Bluetooth LE technology to fine tune your settings on the fly!

How do you calibrate a Tekin rx8 Gen 2?

2) Press and hold MODE for 3-5 seconds or until the ESC gives a 4 chime confirmation. It is now in calibration mode and will start by looking for the neutral signal first, while blinking the center (#4) LED with a simultaneous “beep” with each blink.

How do you calibrate a radio?


  1. Open Mission Planner’s INITIAL SETUP | Mandatory Hardware | Radio Calibration screen.
  2. Click on the green “Calibrate Radio” button on the bottom right.
  3. Press “OK” when prompted to check the radio control equipment is on, battery is not connected, and propellers are not attached.

How hot should a RC car motor get?

Your motor should be fine. If you didn’t feel its performance drop off during your run, you didn’t damage anything—but, you are correct to be wary of overheating. Avoid raising the motor’s temperature past 170°F; any hotter, and you run the risk of damaging the rotor’s magnets.

How hot is too hot for brushless RC motor?

Avoid raising the motor’s temperature past 170°F; any hotter, and you run the risk of damaging the rotor’s magnets. The good news is, most brushless power systems include thermal overload protection, which will shut the system down if the motor reaches critical temperature.

What should I do with my Tekin RX8 Gen3?

Plan ahead with wire routing and try to Programmable High Voltage BEC, HotWire access port that 1 doubles as the fan connector and Datalogging capabilities. Exclusively running the Tekin Dual Drive technology, the RX8 Gen3 is the ultimate in 1/8 racing equipment. Connect via HotWire 3.0 Bluetooth for trackside programming!

What are the features of the Tekin Rs Gen3?

The RS GEN3 brings a suite of enhanced features including better power handling and improved tuning features that give you unmatched adjustability. Maintain superior control in all situations with state-of-the-art components, award-winning performance and proven reliability. The RS GEN3 gives you the tools to win!

How do you tin a Tekin RX8 fan?

Apply solder to the iron tip, press it to the top of the post and feed more solder to fill the cradle in the post. This process should take no longer than 2-3 seconds repeat for remaining posts. 3) To tin the wires, strip the insulation back 3/32”- 1/8” and touch the iron tip to the exposed strands.

What kind of environment does a Tekin RX4 go in?

The RX4 Housing is a thick-walled, reinforced Hardbox design able to withstand the elements and rough environments that come with true Offroad adventuring. Rocks, Dirt, Snow, Sand, Mud, Trail and Track; the RX4 is no-limits RC fun.