How do you remove a towing drive shaft?

Rule №1 Always hook the care from the rear. Rule №2 If you can’t hook it from the rear, remove the driveshaft before towing from the front. Rule №3 If you can’t hook from the rear, or remove the driveshaft, then remove the axle (or axles). Once the axles are removed you can hook from the front.

Can you drive with a broken drive shaft?

Driving an automobile with a defective or damaged driveshaft is potentially dangerous. If there is any sign of trouble, the car should be taken in to a certified mechanic for immediate inspection for repair or replacement. Replacing or repairing a drive shaft can be very expensive.

How many axles does a VW Transporter have?

2 Axles
Volkswagen 2 Axles Campers, Caravans & Motorhomes.

How much is a CV joint?

A CV joint itself can cost between $95 and $210. Hiring a mechanic to perform a replacement will be between $165 and $800. The price mainly depends on whether you’re replacing a double or single axle.

What are the symptoms of a bad inner CV joint?

4 Signs of a Bad CV Axle/Half Shaft

  1. “Clicking” Noises When Turning.
  2. A Knocking Sound.
  3. Grease on the Inside or Edge of the Tires.
  4. Vibration While Driving. This is a tricky one, since there are many things that could cause vibration when you drive.

Why do you remove drive shaft when towing?

When you tow your rear-wheel drive car, van, pickup or SUV, the drive shaft to the rear axle must be disconnected to prevent damage to the automatic transmission. This requires mechanical service under the car which is not convenient for RV towing.

Do you have to remove drive shaft when towing?

When towing a rear axle driven front engine vehicle, the drive shaft must be disconnected to prevent transmission damage. You must disconnect the drive shaft at the rear axle and tie or wire it up.

What causes a VW Transporter T5 Drive Shaft to fail?

VW T5 Drive Shaft problems On medium to high mileage examples on the VW T5 it is common for drive shaft failure. The main cause of this is water ingress around the seal of the offside shaft where it exits the gear box. The shaft is a “push fit” with no rubber seal.

What to look for in a VW Transporter T5?

If you are looking to purchase a VW T5 the most important areas to focus on are the flywheels, EGR valve issues and drive shaft signs of wear. Ideally buy a T5 that has had it’s periodic 60k or 100k major service and check that the water pump was changed at the same time/recently.

What to do about rust on a VW Transporter T5?

If caught early you can wire brush it clean and lather on a good thick coat of rust inhibitor + top it with a decent quality paint. Another area to watch out for rust is on the barn door models of T5. The paint cracks over time and the rust tends to take hold along the bottom of the doors.

What makes a VW Transporter T5 leak coolant?

When the seals leak it usually dumps coolant into the engine oil (making it look like a failed head gasket) which is bad news if you don’t spot it early. Running low on coolant frequently would be an indication of early failure.