How do you reference two appendix?

If you include an appendix, you should refer to it in the text of your paper. If you have more than one appendix add letters to differentiate them in the order they appear in your text.

How do you write multiple appendix?

If there is more than one appendix, label them “Appendix A,” “Appendix B,” etc. (without quotes) in the order that each item appears in the paper. In the main text, you should refer to the Appendices by their labels.

How do you number figures in an appendix?

Appendices should be designated with letters. The figures and tables are numbered in the straight numbering style. This means that the figures and tables are numbered consecutively throughout the document. The Appendices should follow the References/Bibliography unless your Appendices include citations or footnotes.

Can you have multiple figures in an appendix?

Do not put figures and tables in the same appendix. If you include multiple tables or figures in a particular appendix, the title of that appendix should describe the overall content of the appendix.

Do you reference an appendix?

All items that are placed in an appendix must be cited in the body of your essay/report as Appendix. If the item in the appendix is from a published source place a short citation in the appendix (not in the body of your essay/report) and add the full citation in the reference list.

Do you put figures in appendix?

Data Displays. When presenting information in an appendix, use a logical layout for any data displays such as tables or figures. All tables and figures should be labeled with the words “Table” or “Figure” (sans quotation marks) and the letter of the appendix and then numbered.

Can you put images in an appendix?

An appendix can contain textual information and/or visual information. If you feel that any tables, graphs, or images are too bulky or too distracting for the body of your paper, you can place these in an appendix.

What comes first appendix or References?

Appendices usually appear after the references (American Psychological Association, 2010, p. 230). If you’re not sure what’s expected in your course work, please check with your instructor or thesis handbook for specific instructions.

What is the difference between bibliography and appendix?

If your bibliography takes the form of a list of general recommended reading related to your thesis but does not provide information on the specific works you cited within the main text, it’s an annex. If your bibliography provides detailed citations for sources you reference in the paper itself, it’s an appendix.

How to refer to a paragraph number in an appendix?

If you want to refer to the paragraph number of a heading in the Appendixes, refer to “Heading number” or “Heading number (No context)”. See Figure 1. Figure 1: To refer to headings in the Appendix, choose Heading number, or Heading number (no context). Don’t refer to Heading number (full context).

How to create a figure in an appendix?

To create Figures in the Appendixes, you have to trick Word a bit and create a separate label that looks and feels like the “Figure” label you used in the body of the document. To do that: Display the Caption dialog, as you did above. Click New Label. Type Figure_Apx, then OK.

How to put appendix headings in table of contents?

To include your Appendix headings in the Table of Contents do the following. Place your cursor where you want the Table of Contents. Open the Index and Tables dialog. To do that: In Word 2000: Insert > Index and Tables. In Word 2002 and Word 2003: Insert > Reference > Index and Tables.

How to number headings and figures in appendixes in Excel?

Under Reference Type, choose Heading. Under Insert Reference To, choose something appropriate. Choose your heading and click OK. (Note: Your cross-reference won’t update automatically as your headings, and their numbering, changes. That’s because a cross-reference is a field. You have to update the field. To update one field, click it and press F9.