How big are the fields at Grand Park?

360 feet by 270 feet
Grand Park features 31 multi-purpose fields – seven synthetic and 24 engineered Kentucky bluegrass. All seven synthetic fields and one championship grass field (F1) have lights. The playing surface dimensions for all fields are: 360 feet by 270 feet.

Which fields are turf at Grand Park?


  • Sythetic Turf Fields (F2-F8)
  • Grass Fields (F1, F9-F31)

What county is Grand Park Indiana in?

Hamilton County
The map was created for Grand Park by Hamilton County-based graphic design company, the Wilkinson Brothers.

Does Grand Park make money?

Mayor Andy Cook acknowledges Grand Park, in an of itself, isn’t abundantly profitable. “Why did we build Grand Park?” Cook said. “We did not build it to honor baseball or soccer or to make money from day-to-day operations. Grand Park was built to create a permanent tax base of the hospitality industry.”

How much does it cost to get into Grand Park?

Daily admission: $5.00 per adult and $3.00 per child.

Can you wear metal cleats at Grand Park?

Park General Rules NO gum or seeds allowed on fields. NO metal spikes. NO tobacco products, illegal drugs, or chemicals of any kind. NO un-authorized merchandise, food, beverage, or photography sales of any kind.

How much does Grand Park cost?

Are dogs allowed at Grand Park Westfield?

Are animals allowed at Grand Park? Unfortunately, they are not. No pets or animals are allowed at the campus with the exception of service animals (with bib and paperwork).

Who runs Grand Park?

City of Westfield
The Grand Park Events Center is now open, featuring three full-sized indoor soccer fields, a restaurant and administrative offices….Grand Park (Indiana)

Coordinates 40°03′29″N 86°08′56″WCoordinates: 40°03′29″N 86°08′56″W
Owner City of Westfield
Operator City of Westfield, Indiana
Acreage 400 acres

How much did it cost to build Grand Park in Westfield?

The construction cost for the Sports Campus through the end of 2016 was $67.9 million, including the cost of the new Events Center.

How much is Grand Park worth?

In 2014, the park brought in about $1.2 million and its costs exceeded $1.6 million. In 2015, the park grossed nearly $1.8 million and its expenses totaled just under $1.9 million. The city also paid about $50 million to build the outdoor fields, Grand Park spokesperson Michelle Krcmery said in an email.

Does Grand Park have bleachers?

Is there sideline seating for spectators? There is bleacher seating provided at each diamond. There is no seating around the multi-purpose fields. This allows for fields to be moved and rotated as needed to keep them in the best playing condition.

What are the sports fields at Grand Park?

The Grand Park Athletic Complex features seven large multipurpose fields and two youth fields. All have synthetic grass and lights and are designed to accommodate a variety of sports, including baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer and football.

How big is Grand Park in Westfield Indiana?

Grand Park in Westfield, Indiana, is a destination like no other. The thoughtfully designed 400-acre Grand Park Sports Campus features 26 baseball and softball diamonds, 31 multipurpose fields for soccer, football, rugby, field hockey and lacrosse as well as an indoor facility to accommodate year-round play for a variety of sports.

How big is the Grand Park Events Center?

EVENTS CENTER The Grand Park Events Center has been a centerpiece to the 400+ acre sports complex since the summer of 2016. This 377,000 sqft. facility spans wider than the St. Louis Arch stands tall. INTERESTED IN HOSTING AN EVENT AT THE EVENTS CENTER?

Where are the parking lots at Grand Park?

Grand Park – Parking Lot Street Addresses – GPS Coordinates and Maps Parking Lot C Parking Lot D Parking Lot E 600 E. 191st Street 301 E. 191st Street 173 W. 191st Street Westfield, IN 46074 Westfield, IN 46074 Westfield, IN 46074 40.0643462,-86.1502492 40.0643173 -86.1566899 40.064220 -86.162884