Does Miami require a business license?

Every business needs to obtain a Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License) and a Certificate of Use regardless of how small and even if it is in your home (except street peddlers). In addition, every business is also required to obtain a Miami-Dade County Occupational License.

How do I get a business license in Miami?

Apply for Business Licenses

  1. Gather Your Information. Documents Required for Certificate of Use (CU)
  2. Apply for your Certificate of Use (CU)/Business Tax Receipt (BTR) You can now use the new eStart tool to apply for your CU and/or BTR.
  3. Pay Invoice.
  4. Schedule & Complete Inspections (for CU only)
  5. Apply with Miami-Dade County.

How do I register my business in Miami-Dade County?

The forms required to form a General Partnership are found at You may file it online or via mail. Additionally, if you will open a business within Miami-Dade County you will need to apply for a Business Tax Receipt at the county and municipal level.

What is a BTR license?

(formerly known as occupational licenses) Any entity conducting business within a municipality is required to obtain both a City BTR and a County Local Business Tax (LBT) Receipt.

What is my business license number Florida?

Additional Information: Your Florida business entity’s document number is the 6- or 12-digit number assigned by the Department of State’s Division of Corporations during its initial registration. Your document number is necessary for certain procedures and important filings, including your company’s annual report.

How do I obtain a business license in Florida?

To start a business in Florida you need to:

  1. Check with your County Tax Collector to see if you need a license.
  2. Register your business with the Department of Revenue.
  3. Register with the IRS.
  4. Corporate entities or fictitious name registrants should register with the Department of State.

What is a business tax receipt?

A business tax receipt is a sign of approval from a local government that you paid a nominal fee to start your business. Many cities and counties require you to have a business tax receipt before your business opens its doors to the public. Not all jurisdictions call a business tax receipt by that name.

Does an LLC need a business license in Florida?

There are seven states where all businesses need to obtain state business licenses, in addition to any local licenses required. Those states are Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Ohio, Nevada, and Washington State. Good news! Florida doesn’t have a state-wide license requirement for businesses.

What is the biggest industry in Miami Dade County?

Tourism is one of the Miami’s largest private-sector industries, accounting for more than 144,800 jobs in Miami-Dade County. The city’s frequent portrayal in music, film, and popular culture has made the city and its landmarks recognizable worldwide.

Is a permit needed to protest in Miami Dade County?

If you are on the court steps or on the sidewalk or in the building, the police may ask you to move if they feel that you are obstructing pedestrian traffic. However, you do not need to obtain a permit, and if you are not posing a danger or obstruction to traffic, then you may protest wherever you desire.

Is Miramar part of Miami Dade County?

Miramar is considered to be a part of the South Florida Metropolitan area, and has been classified as a bedroom community for Miami since the area was founded back in 1953. Miramar spans approximately 2.9 square miles and is bordered by Pembroke Pines , Hollywood, West Park, and Miami-Dade County.