Are Smeg refrigerators any good?

Cult brand Smeg has scored the dubious honour of the “worst fridge ever” with its latest FAB38RCRAU model, which earned the lowest result in CHOICE history. In our independent lab tests, the 504 litre unit scored a “truly chilling” CHOICE Expert Rating of just 22%, based on a raft of serious temperature issues.

How big is SMEG mini fridge?

You’re not limited to outfitting your kitchen with a standard size Smeg — if you just want a mini fridge, Smeg has you covered. Their 1.2 cubic foot model measures just under 30 inches high, perfect to stash below a counter, and under the size limit enforced by most college dorms.

How much is a small Smeg refrigerator?

This item Smeg FAB5URP 16″ 50’s Retro Style Series Compact Refrigerator with 1.5 cu. ft. Capacity Absorption Cooling Automatic Defrost LED Interior Lighting and Adjustable Shelves in Cream with Right
Price From $2,199.99
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Color Cream
Item Dimensions 15.91 x 22.05 x 28.74 inches

Are Smeg ovens worth the money?

Ranging in price from $1349 to $4990, Smeg’s wall ovens certainly aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they do perform well for the price. The four models we tested in our wall oven reviews all got high scores for performance, baking and roasting.

Is Smeg a good brand?

Fridges. Smeg has a reputation as a luxury brand, but it doesn’t always deliver bang for your buck. Its fridges are priced at the very upper end of the market, but they’re made by the same company that produces Beko fridges, which fall at the lower end of the price scale and often don’t perform well in our tests.

What is the significance of the Smeg FAB5 mini refrigerator?

Symbolic objects, icons that transform the space that they occupy. The red iconic FAB5 mini refrigerator is the protagonist of the partnership between SMEG and Supreme® for the new SS21 Collection of the lifestyle brand

What kind of refrigerator is the Smeg retro?

RETRO ON THE OUTSIDE, TOTALLY COOL ON THE INSIDE! The iconic SMEG Retro Style refrigerator series is completely radical on the outside, but on the inside, this modern throwback appliance is anything but your great-grandmothers fridge!

Where does Smeg make the Fab 28 drawer?

New Fab 28 includes Life plus 0°C/32°F drawer on telescopic guides. A Global Brand. Color, design and technology. Smeg has designed innovative household appliances for all everyday environments since 1948. The headquarters are situated in Guastalla, in Emilia Romagna, an outpost for a long view over the countryside from the river Po.

What is the purpose of style in Smeg?

Style for SMEG is the way a product communicates with its surroundings, and enables users to interact with it, thus establishing a rapport with the user that goes beyond mere practical concerns. With this idea, SMEG has carried out painstaking research into aesthetics and style.