Who was the fake expert on Pawn Stars?

Steve Grad
Steve Grad – The Autograph Expert from Pawn Stars. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Pawn Stars, chances are you’ve seen Principle Authenticator for Beckett Authentication Services, Steve Grad, authenticating the various autographs that come into Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

How fake is the show Pawn Stars?

Although many fans love the show for the way it highlights historical artifacts, the unfortunate fact is that Pawn Stars is not always the most realistic show around — and when it comes to filming, the stars have very strict rules that they are forced to follow.

Are the items in Pawn Stars real?

Like most reality shows, Pawn Stars has scripted drama between the show’s stars,Rick, Hoss, and Chumlee. The items featured on the show are not cold customers just randomly walking in, the items have already been researched and prepped for the show.

What is wrong with Corey from Pawn Stars?

Personal life. On April 26, 2014, hours before his 31st birthday celebration, Harrison was injured in a motorcycle accident. He suffered a broken arm, and injuries to his back and foot.

What happened to the girl on Pawn Stars?

Olivia has built a career as a model, content creator, and adult film star. After leaving Pawn Stars, Olivia resumed her work as an erotic model and social media influencer. She launched a YouTube channel, Miss Olivia Black, in January 2013.

Do the experts on Pawn Stars get paid?

Do the experts on “Pawn Stars” get paid? No. According to DeadlineHollywood.com, “They work without a script and they’re not paid a dime, but being on the show has boosted their businesses and made them brand names in the appraiser field.” A couple of the experts have gone off to star in their own spinoff shows.

What happened to Chumlee?

What happened to Chumlee? During the search of Chumlee’s home, police officers found firearms, crystal meth, Xanax, marijuana, and traces of cocaine. He was arrested and later released after posting a $62,000 bond. Two months later, Chumlee was charged with 20 felony counts, including unlawful possession of a firearm.