Who played Andrew on Law and Order SVU?

Andre Braugher
Andre Braugher: Bayard Ellis. Jump to: Quotes (4)

Why did Elliot character leave law and order?

Christopher Meloni left Law & Order: SVU over a salary dispute. Meloni and Hargitay were reportedly paid the same amount for Law & Order: SVU for the first 12 seasons of the hit series, a victory for equal pay for women. (Reports listed the sums at $400,000 per episode for each star.)

Who plays Bayard Ellis?

Andre Keith Braugher
Andre Keith Braugher (/ˈbraʊ. ər/; born July 1, 1962) is an American actor….Television.

Year 2011–2015
Title Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Role Bayard Ellis
Notes 6 episodes

Does Captain Holt have autism?

captain ray holt from brooklyn nine-nine is autistic! Yes, the character Holt is written in a way that there are some hints and characteristics and behaviours that fit.

What happened to Ellis on SVU?

Bayard Ellis is a defense attorney. He used to represent drug dealers until he won a big civil suit in 2004. After that, he founded the New York Center for Civil Liberties and became an advocate for fighting the judicial system….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Bayard Ellis
Last Appearance “Perverted Justice”

How old is the suspect in law and Order SVU?

DID YOU KNOW? An abused, schizophrenic 16-year-old is a suspect in the brutal murder of his close friend. But why is Fin’s son protecting the suspect from the police?

What did Elliot Stabler say on law and Order SVU?

Elliot Stabler: You can’t shut out the world, John. Elliot Stabler: These days, may not be such a bad idea. Although this starts out as an interesting show in the end this SVU story really goes all over the map to find a satisfactory explanation for the events that occurred.

Who is Jack McCoy in law and order?

Jack McCoy: If I don’t leave here with a guilty plea, Mr. Corley, I promise, you’ll do 45 years hard time. They’ll wheel me out of my retirement home to be at your parole hearings. This episode is belongs to S. Epptha Merkerssen who gets good and involved in a case that Lieutenant Van Buren takes a personal interest in.

Who is young Braeden from law and Order SVU?

Young Braeden Lemasters is discovered to have rectal bleeding which brings the SVU in. Young Braeden is a kid from a mixed marriage as am I for that matter. But Hassidic Jews don’t favor mixing of any kind and the squad is first thinking it was a custody battle.