Who is Erin Andrews father?

Steven Andrews
Erin Andrews/Fathers
(WFLA) – You may know Erin Andrews from the sidelines as a reporter for Fox Sports or from the stage as a cohost of Dancing with the Stars. We know her as the daughter of 8 On Your Side Senior Investigative Reporter Steve Andrews.

What happened to Steve Andrews?

Longtime WFLA investigative reporter Steve Andrews, who’s held the powerful accountable for years in Tampa, Fla., is leaving TV news.

Is Erin Andrews still married?

Erin Jill Andrews (born May 4, 1978) is an American sportscaster, television personality, and actress….

Erin Andrews
Spouse(s) Jarret Stoll ​ ( m. 2017)​

Who are Erin Andrews parents?

Steven Andrews
Paula Andrews
Erin Andrews/Parents

How much does Erin Andrews make?

The television personality resigned with the company in 2016 to focus primarily on football, and several online sources claim Erin Andrews’ annual salary is around $2 million per year. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Andrews has a net worth of $30 million in 2021.

What does Jarret Stoll do for a living?

Ice hockey player
Jarret Stoll/Professions

Jarret Lee Stoll (born June 24, 1982) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player. Stoll has played in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers and Minnesota Wild. He is a two-time Stanley Cup champion, winning with Los Angeles in 2012 and 2014.

Is Erin Andrews from Tampa?

Although she previously lived in Atlanta, Andrews now calls Los Angeles home, she considers herself a grits-loving, sun-worshipping Florida girl at heart. Her parents still live in the same house they moved into when they relocated to Tampa from Maine after Steve took a job with WFLA.

Who is dating Erin Andrews?

Jarret Stoll
Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews and former NHL player Jarret Stoll got married on Saturday at Yellowstone Club in Montana, according to People.com. The couple had been dating since 2012 and announced their engagement back in December of 2016.