Which Act 2 Merc is the best?

The Best Act 2 Merc In Diablo 2

  • Prayer – Combat (Normal or Hell)
  • Thorns – Combat (Nightmare)
  • Defiance – Defence (Normal or Hell)
  • Holy Freeze – Defence (Nightmare)
  • Blessed Aim – Offence (Normal and Hell)
  • Might – Offence (Nightmare)

What weapons can an Act 2 Merc use?

Act II Desert Mercenary Abilities: Uses Auras to enhance the battlefield, and uses the Amazon skill, Jab. Weapons: Spears, Polearms and Javelins.

Which Merc has holy freeze?

As you can see, you want to Buy a Defense Merc from Nightmare to get Holy Freeze. As for other options, as Artless said, Act 3 Cold Mercs are great with FCR items, since they don’t need mana they can spam their Ice moves all day freezing enemies.

How many auras can you have d2?

Diablo II. Auras in Diablo II are primarily used by the Paladin class, but can also be granted by special equipment and hirelings. If the aura is granted from a skill, the Paladin can only have one such aura active at a time.

Where can I buy Act 2 Merc?

Act II: Desert Mercenaries The Hirelings of Act II are available from Greiz in Lut Gholein. They are melee attackers and use spears/javelins or polearms to great effect. These mercs are the most popular hires in the game, since they come with various auras that can greatly benefit their employer.

How do I get the Act 2 Merc?

What does meditation Aura do?

General Information. Meditation greatly increases Mana regeneration. The runeword Insight grants a level 12-17 Meditation aura to its wielder, making it a popular hireling weapon choice for Mana-hungry builds.

Does holy freeze work on bosses?

Sup y’all, holy freeze din is a great build for boss killing & elite hunting, and mediocre for killing large groups. Holds its own very well on p8. 2: melee splash will shot gun bosses (many hits hit the boss, many will miss due to low ar & block though). …

What does Defiance Aura do?

Description. Defiance increases the defense of both the Paladin and his allies within the radius equally. The skill is rarely used; offensive auras are often preferred, and for the Paladin, Holy Shield is often enough to provide enough defense.

Can your aura be multiple colors?

Why are there often several different colors in one aura? Each layer of your aura is said to be represented by a different color. Some believe that the way these colors vary and interact illustrates how emotionally, spiritually, and physically complex you are.

Can you stack auras Diablo 2?

Same Auras will not stack, a weaker one being suppressed. An Aura is a semi-Passive skill, in that it usually requires no Mana (although Prayer drains Mana over time while active), and can be kept on as long as possible. Many Auras also synergize with other skills, enhancing the Paladin’s attacks even when turned off.