Where is mahisagar?

Mahisagar district is a district in the state of Gujarat in India that came into being on 26 January 2013, becoming the 28th district of the state. The district has been carved out of the Panchmahal district and the Kheda district….

Mahisagar district
Named for Mahi River
• Type District Panchayat

How many villages are there in Mahisagar district?

There are total 6 blocks which comes under Mahisagar district, and there are total 723 villages and 1 town area which comes under this district. As per Indian government records district code of Mahisagar district is 844 and number of houses in this district is 189542.

Which taluka is in Mahisagar district?

Mahisagar District Taluka List

# Name
1 Balasinor
2 Lunawada
3 Kadana
4 Virpur

How many talukas are there in Mahisagar district?

6 Talukas
Mahisagar is a district in Gujarat State of India. It has a total of 6 Talukas in this district.

Does Mahi River have crocodiles?

“Vishwamitri River that passes through the city has over 250 crocodiles and this is the nesting season for the reptile. Crocodiles are territorial and they guard their eggs very fiercely. In last one month, crocodiles in Vishwamitri and Mahi River have already killed persons.

Where is bakor?

Bakor is a village situated in Middle East area of Gujarat state of India….

Country India
State Gujarat
District Mahisagar
Taluka Khanpur

Who is SP of Mahisagar?

Amin, an SPS officer, currently serving as the SP in State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) in Gandhinagar, has been appointed as the SP of Mahisagar district.

What is the meaning of Panchmahal?

Panchmahal means “five palaces” in which five talukas, which includes the Sub-Divisions (Godhra, Dahod, Halol, Kalol and Jhalod) were submitted to the British by Maharaja Sindhiya of Gwalior. Thus, the name of this district is Panchmahal.

Which river has most crocodile?

The Most Dangerous Crocodile Infested Rivers In The World

  • Vishwamitri River, India.
  • Nile River, Africa.
  • Olifants River, South Africa and Mozambique.
  • Crocodile River, South Africa.
  • East Aligator River, Australia.

Are there crocodiles in Mahisagar?

He said water bodies in the region, including the Mahisagar River, have a sizable number of crocodiles, adding that these reptiles can travel 4-5 kilometres in search of food. Crocodiles are Schedule 1 animals (provided absolute protection) as per the Indian Wildlife (Protection Act), 1972.

Who is the SP of Gujarat?


Sr.No. Officer Name Designation
1 Shri Rahul Tripathi, IPS Superintendent of Police
2 Shri M.M. Parmar Dy. SP
3 Shri B.B. Koli PI – Veraval-City
4 Shri V.M. Khuman PI – Prabhas Patan