Where can you find AMC theaters?

Amc Theatres Contact Phone Number is : 18884408457. and Address is P.O. Box 725489 Atlanta, Georgia 31139-9923, United States. AMC Theatres is an Chinese film theatre chain based in Atlanta, United States.

Where can you buy movie tickets?

Alternately, you can purchase tickets directly from your local theater’s website. If you’re not familiar with any third-party or local theater websites, you can Google the name of your movie and your local movie theater, and choose a movie from there.

How much does a movie theater ticket cost?

Standard movie tickets are going to cost $6 to $13 and will cost the most on weekends and all days after 5 p.m. An IMAX in 3D can cost the most at $8 to $20.

Where are the AMC Theaters located?

AMC Theatres was founded in 1920 by Maurice, Edward, and Barney Dubinsky, who had been traveling the Midwest performing melodramas and tent shows with actress Jeanne Eagels. They purchased the Regent Theatre on 12th Street between Walnut and Grand in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Is there a movie theater in Las Vegas?

But while it may be the entertainment capital of the world, the Las Vegas Strip does not have a movie theater. The Strip’s only movie theater, the 8 screen United Artists Showcase Theater 8, located just north of MGM Grand behind the Showcase Mall , closed on January 28,…

How many AMC movie theaters are there?

AMC became the biggest American cinema chain in the world after acquiring Carmike cinemas , UCI Cinemas , and Odeon Cinemas in 2016. AMC has over 2,200 screens in 244 theatres across Europe and more than 8,200 screens in their 661 cinemas across the United States.

What is AMC movie theaters?

AMC Theatres (originally an abbreviation for American Multi-Cinema, often referred to simply as AMC and known in some countries as AMC Cinemas) is an American movie theater chain owned and operated by Dalian Wanda Group . Founded in 1920, AMC has the largest share of the American theater market ahead of Regal Entertainment Group