When is the selectedindexchanged event raised in GridView?

The SelectedIndexChanged event is raised when a row’s Select button is clicked, but after the GridView control handles the select operation. This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as updating a status label with the currently selected row, whenever this event occurs.

How to edit GridView row in edit mode?

Set the EditIndex property to the appropriate row and then ReBind the GridVIew again to it’s DataSource. Hope this helps. Just implement the Row_Editing event and do something like this: Bind data will populate the GridView with the data. You may also need to know how to cancel the edit.

How to dim a row in gridviewrow?

Dim row As GridViewRow = AuthorsGridView.SelectedRow ‘ Check the row state. If the row is not in edit mode and is selected, ‘ exit edit mode. This ensures that the GridView control exits edit mode ‘ when a user selects a different row while the GridView control is in ‘ edit mode.

How to cancel the SELECT operation in GridView?

Dim row As GridViewRow = CustomersGridView.Rows (e.NewSelectedIndex) ‘ You can cancel the select operation by using the Cancel ‘ property. For this example, if the user selects a customer with ‘ the ID “ANATR”, the select operation is canceled and an error message ‘ is displayed.

How to get the value of a selected row in GridView?

Basically, you need to get the index of the row where the button is located. You can then get the specific row using that index: The variable s will have the value of third cell of the selected row (where your button was clicked) of you gridview.

Why is the selectedrow property not used in GridView?

Because the SelectedIndexChanging event // occurs before the select operation in the GridView control, the // SelectedRow property cannot be used. Instead, use the Rows collection // and the NewSelectedIndex property of the e argument passed to this // event handler.

How is the boundfield cell value extracted in GridView?

Inside the SelectedIndexChanged event handler, the BoundField Cell value is extracted using the Cells property. For extracting the value of the TemplateField Cell, first the Label control is referenced and then the value is extracted. Finally, both the values are displayed in Label control.

How to add padding to cells in GridView?

One almost-solution was to style the TR and TD elements. This works fine until I add paging to the GridView. The padding also applies to the page counters, which I do not want.

Is it possible to click a row in gridview1?

This creates a “Select” LinkButton, which will fire the Gridview1_SelectedIndexChanged2 event in your code-behind when you click it. It is NOT true that you can’t click a row and have it handle the SelectedIndexChanged event. You just have to add a little code to the RowCreated event.