What sources do you use for an annotated bibliography?

Use a range of resources including books, journal articles, websites, theses, conference papers, government document and reports to compile information on your topic.

How many sources should an annotated bibliography have?

As you conduct your research for your research writing project, compile an annotated bibliography with 15-20 entries. Each entry in your annotated bibliography should contain a citation, a brief summary of the cited material.

How do you summarize an annotated bibliography?

Guidelines for summarizing sources in annotated bibliographiesDetermine the main idea of the source material.State the main idea of the source, including only the most important supporting details.When writing the summary of a source, do not comment or interpret.

What should an annotation include?

The annotation should include most, if not all, of the following:Explanation of the main purpose and scope of the cited work;Brief description of the work’s format and content;Theoretical basis and currency of the author’s argument;Author’s intellectual/academic credentials;Work’s intended audience;

How do you write an annotated bibliography example?

Contents of an annotated bibliographyProvide the full bibliographic citation.Indicate the background of the author(s).Indicate the content or scope of the text.Outline the main argument.Indicate the intended audience.Identify the research methods if applicable.Identify any conclusions made by the author/s.

Do you use in text citations in an annotated bibliography?

Include in-text citations if you refer to other works within the annotation paragraph. NOTE: Citation style APA 7th Edition. Modify for other citation styles. When you compose your annotated bibliography, consider each part of the annotation.

How do you write an APA annotated bibliography?

Steps to Creating an Annotated BibliographyFind sources related to your topic (check with your instructor to confirm which types of sources are acceptable for the assignment)Critically read and evaluate sources.Create the proper APA citation.Below the citation write your annotation.

How do you write an annotation for an article?

Things to note in your annotations include:Background on the author.Themes throughout the text.The author’s purpose for writing the text.The author’s thesis.Points of confusion.How the text compares to other texts you are analyzing on the same topic.