What shoes work with AFOs?

Recommended AFO Shoes & SMO Shoes

  • ikiki.
  • New Balance.
  • Converse.
  • Skechers.
  • Tsukihoshi.
  • Plae.
  • Stride Rite.
  • Vans.

What is an AFO shoe?

Wearing footwear with an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) requires a shoe that has a wider opening to easily slide the foot in with the AFO on. Our selection of women’s shoes for AFOs provide the wide openings and extra- or double depth needed for suitable wear without any discomfort.

What shoes can you wear with a brace?

Footwear. You must always wear a shoe with your brace, because it is ineffective without one. The shoe should be sturdy and supportive; slippers, loafers, and some sandals may be inappropriate. Your brace may not fit all of your shoes but it can be modified to fit most casual shoes that are accommodating.

Can you wear sandals with an AFO brace?

With a little creativity and perseverance, many leg brace and orthotic users can wear open toe shoes and sandals. Years ago when I used to wear the custom molded, hard plastic type of afos, I thought my sandal days were over. I would get depressed when the weather warmed up each spring.

What is the purpose of an AFO?

An AFO may be used for foot drop when surgery is not warranted or during surgical or neurologic recovery. The specific purpose of an AFO is to provide toe dorsiflexion during the swing phase, medial or lateral stability at the ankle during stance, and, if necessary, pushoff stimulation during the late stance phase.

Do you put an ankle brace over your sock?

Ankle Brace should be worn with an athletic sock. Before application loosen all straps and laces. Insert foot inside the boot portion of the brace, making sure to have the tongue of the brace resides on the top of your foot between your skin and the lacing.

What do you wear under AFO?

Your AFO needs to be worn with a long sock that ex- tends past the top edge of the AFO. Bend your knee to put the AFO on. It is important that your heel is down and back inside the AFO. To maintain proper fit, the ankle strap must be done up as snug as possible.

Can you wear AFOs without socks?

Your AFO should always be worn over a socks or tights. When putting the AFO on you need to make sure that the heel is right down in the base of the AFO. Once in the correct position you need to do the ankle strap up firmly to make sure that the heel does not lift.

Where can I buy AFO brace shoes online?

We can meet your AFO footwear needs with safe and secure online shopping and free shipping here at HealthyFeetStore.com. Shop AFO brace shoes with us today!

What kind of shoes can a child with AFO wear?

Shoes for Children with AFOs / DAFOs. Many customers have found that our extra wide Moccasin and Rambler styles can work well with some AFO and DAFO adaptive orthodics.

What kind of shoes do AFOs and SMOS wear?

That’s easy. Surestep shoes are specifically designed to be worn with AFOs and SMOs. Available in both toddler and youth sizes, they’re extra wide, extra deep, and extra perfect for kids who wear braces. You can also order the correct size with confidence by using our Shoe Measuring Guide.

Where can I buy AFO accommodating footwear?

For those wearing an Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO), finding a stylish shoe that fits their medical appliance is not an easy task. At Healthy Feet Store, we have the solution. We proudly offer a wide range of AFO shoes and footwear options for men, women and children.