What mediums does Favianna Rodriguez use?

Favianna demonstrates two printmaking techniques that are central to her practice: linoleum block and monotype.

What are two issues that Favianna Rodriguez makes art about?

Her art and praxis address migration, gender justice, climate change, racial equity, and sexual freedom. Favianna leads art interventions around the United States at the intersection of art, justice and cultural equity.

Where is Favianna Rodriguez from?

Favianna Rodriguez/Place of birth

Where does Favianna Rodriguez live?

Oakland, California
Favianna Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and social justice activist based in Oakland, California.

Why does Favianna Rodriguez make art?

Art and activism Rodriguez was drawn to posters and reproducible art like printmaking for their power to educate, organize, and liberate communities.

How does art make an impact on social justice?

Art has played a role in social justice education, community building, and social activism/social movements. It provides a universal language that gives voice to individuals and communities and is accessible across social boundaries. These examples can overlap and are not strictly confined to one specific category.

Why is the art of Favianna Rodriguez so important?

Favianna Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary visual artist and community organizer who merges her artistic practice with political activism. Through her bold, vivid artwork, she has become a leading voice in raising awareness about immigration, women’s issues, globalization and economic injustice.

Can artists bring about social justice?

Art has been used as a means to record history, shape culture, cultivate imagination, and harness individual and social transformation. It can not only be a means to generate awareness, but it can also be a catalyst to engage community members to take action around a social issue.

How much does Amy Sherald sell for?

Her first work at auction was sold in May 2019 for $350,000 against a $80,000–$120,000 estimate. The Bathers took off in a much bigger way, with two New York–based staffers taking it far beyond the $150,000–$200,000 estimate to a hammer price of $4.3 million.

Why does Amy Sherald use gray?

The skin is rendered in grayscale, which refers to not only black- and-white photography—Sherald paints from photographs—but also the artist’s intention to “remove color from race,” shifting the conversation toward the humanity and individuality of each figure.