What kind of sight does the Weatherby pa-459 have?

The PA-459 from Weatherby offers LE operators a fully tricked-out tactical shotgun for a very reasonable price. It is shown fitted out with a Viking Tactical SPARC red dot sight and a SureFire X400 light/laser WeaponLight.

How does the Weatherby pa-459 pump action shotgun work?

The fore-end is radically sculpted and aggressively grooved to provide non-slip operation; and the fore-end features an integral accessory rail. The PA-459 is based on Weatherby’s dependable dual action-bar system with a chrome-plated bolt that cycles 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells smoothly without binding or jamming.

Can a Weatherby shotgun be carried with a sling?

Factory swivel studs provide the option to carry the gun with a sling. The Weatherby PA-459 Home Defense Pump-Action Shotgun features a drop-out trigger assembly that allows rapid field-stripping for cleaning and maintenance. Manufacturer model #: PA459S1219PGM

What’s the price of a Weatherby 12 gauge shotgun?

It also shares another common characteristics with Turkish arms—an extremely reasonable price point. Despite its full complement of enhancements and features, the PA-459 is priced at $469. The PA-459 is a handy shotgun with excellent ergonomics.

How big of a magazine does a PA 459 have?

The PA-459 is a handy shotgun with excellent ergonomics. It is chambered for 3-inch 12 gauge shells and has a capacity of 5+1 with 2¾-inch shells or 4+1 with 3-inch shells in its tubular magazine.

How big is the forend of a Weatherby 12 gauge shotgun?

Matching the buttstock of the PA-459 is an equally impressive forend of black polymer. Although it is a pump action, the forend of the shotgun extends fully back to the forward portion of the receiver and measures 11.5 inches in length, giving it the appearance of a semi-automatic forend.

What kind of shotgun is the Weatherby Le scattergun?

With the widespread use of synthetic stocks, ghost ring sighting systems and radically enhanced ergonomics, the modern LE scattergun bears little resemblance to its older siblings. An excellent example of this new style of tactical shotgun is from a somewhat surprising source—Weatherby.